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An e-gravel bike combining stable, agile handling with a punchy, high-torque motor. Get your adventure fix on any terrain.

Canyon Grail:ON

The e-volution of gravel riding

Agility, comfort and durability, the holy trinity of gravel riding. Combined with a poerful Bosch motor, there are now more ways to escape the every day.

Powerful Bosch motor

Canyon Grail:ON
  • Range 120 km
  • Battery capacity 500 Wh
  • Motor weight 2.9 kg
  • Max torque 85 Nm
With huge power and a high-torque 'point-and-squirt' feel, the Bosch Performance Line CX is ideal for e-gravel.

Get support up to 340% of your own power: enough for the steepest grades. And with a big 85 Nm peak torque, support is extremely punchy, for an addictive, ‘just-one-more-burst’ feel.

Canyon Grail:ON

Rides like a gravel bike

The Grail:ON has the same stable-yet-agile ride as the Grail, due to its similar frame geometry. And by placing the motor low down, you get even more stability.
Canyon Grail:ON

Comfort designed into every touch point

Working with the unique properties of carbon we’ve designed e-gravel touch points that flex with the road, dampening road chatter, and working with your terrain to help you enjoy every aspect of the ride.
Canyon Grail:ON

Durable, E-gravel specific components

Built to withstand the additional force put out by the Bosch motor, the Grail:ON greater stopping power, powerful hubs and clever extras to keep you clean on your commute and dry on your adventure.

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Canyon Grail CF SLX

Grail CF SLX

Our super-fast, race-ready, non-motorised gravel bike.
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An annual inspection will prolong the lifespan of your bike and keep all major parts working perfectly.

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