Canyon // Hybrid / City

Hybrid and City Bikes

A relaxed ride position with flat bar control for commuting and leisure riding. Choose from pedal power or electric bike support.

City Bike

City Bikes

Agile handling, light frames and commuter friendly design details. Rediscover your world.


With powerful motors and elegant designs, these bikes are fully equipped for city riding.
Touring Bikes

Touring Bikes

Comfortable, all day geometry with light front suspension, MTB gearing and wide tyres.
E-Trekking Bike

E-Trekking bikes

Electric bikes built for everything from sweat free city commutes to off road adventures.
E-Fitness Bikes


Fly through headwinds, spin over climbs, and cover more asphalt, faster.

Cycle to work with Green Commute Initiative

Save up to 47% with no upper price limit.

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Bike service direct from the experts

An annual inspection will prolong the lifespan of your bike and keep all major parts working perfectly.

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A search engine for expert local bike workshops. Hand-picked by Canyon. And customer reviews are included, so you know you can trust your mechanic. Includes E-bike servicing.

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