Canyon Stitched
Canyon Stitched
Canyon Stitched
Canyon Stitched
Canyon Stitched


Whether it’s the full-sus 720, hardtail 360 or CFR Trial the Canyon Stitched family has a reputation for bombproof strength and a dialled ride.

Canyon Stitched CFR Trial

Stitched CFR Trial

9,95 kg full composite 24 inch trials slayer. Developed with Fabio Wibmer to be the toughest, lightest bike on the streets.

Canyon Stitched 720

Stitched 720

More speed, more air, more send. Technical tricks are a cinch on our 12.7kg, 100mm travel slopestyle rig.

Canyon Stitched 360 Pro NINEYARD

Stitched 360 Pro NINEYARD

We’ve launched a limited edition space-themed Stitched 360 Pro to send our collab with NINEYARD into orbit.

Canyon Stitched 360

Stitched 360

Easy to manual, lightweight and confidence inspiring, your perfect whip for dirt jumps and pump tracks.
  • 4 items
    • Color: Shockwave Black
    Manitou Circus Sport
    949 US$
  • Stitched CFR Trial
    • -16%
    • Color: Tomomi Ensō Signature
    • Color: Shockwaves
    2,329 US$
    2,799 US$
    You save 470 US$
  • Stitched 360 Pro
    • Coming soon
    • Color: Jade
    Marzocchi Bomber DJ
    1,299 US$
  • Stitched 720
    • Coming soon
    • Color: Jade
    RockShox Pike DJ
    1,899 US$
NINEYARD x Canyon collection

NINEYARD x Canyon collection

Whether you’re kicking back in the city or backflipping at the local spot, check out our clothing collab with NINEYARD.

Bike service direct from the experts

An annual inspection will prolong the lifespan of your bike and keep all major parts working perfectly.

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