May 20, 2023
May 20, 2023

Mondays UNLTD: roll into Mondays with a grin

Start your week bursting with motivation with a few simple routines.

Mondays UNLTD: roll into Mondays with a grin Mondays UNLTD: roll into Mondays with a grin

Cycle to work more often, do a random act of kindness, or prioritise some mid-week rides: there are plenty of ways to make sure the positive energy you’re giving out comes right back to you.

And doing it all on two wheels, especially on a bike like the Commuter:ON, adds the cherry on top.

Here’s how you can keep things fresh throughout your week.

Mondays UNLTD: roll into Mondays with a grin
Mondays UNLTD: roll into Mondays with a grin
Mondays UNLTD: roll into Mondays with a grin
Mondays UNLTD: roll into Mondays with a grin
Mondays UNLTD: roll into Mondays with a grin

Start on Sunday

We all know the soul-soothing feeling of having a pre-planned holiday. So why not bring that feeling into every week by planning some treats ahead of schedule?

Spend some time on Sunday looking ahead, and you’ll wake up with way more enthusiasm when your week does begin. Plan your work meetings in, of course, but don’t forget to plan the fun stuff too. Block out some time in your calendar to cycle along the canals for a midweek treat. Switch things up and work from a café with a friend, or ride to a lunchtime yoga class. Whatever brings you joy, prioritise it. Mondays are easy breezy when you have a week full of things to look forward to.

Get outside first thing

Movement in the morning can help you feel energised for the entire day.

And it can be as simple and accessible as commuting by bike. Riding a bike has so many benefits: fresh air, freedom of movement, and travel autonomy. Make every commute count: tune into your senses, breathe in the waft of fresh pastries and coffee, listen to the birds singing, feel the sunlight on your skin. Make it your moment of peace.

And the Commuter:ON has everything you need to stay grounded in the grind of the city. Whether you’re nipping to the gym, visiting a friend on the other side of town, or powering to work in the morning, this bike navigates you through your schedule with zero limitations.

Its mega-bright integrated lights, compact motor, and plenty of storage options make it a trusty city sidekick .

So why not pack your bag and prep your lunch the night before for that extra ‘I’ve got my life together’ boost? Just roll out of bed, swing your bag around your shoulder, hop on your Commuter:ON, and go. Nothing’s holding you back, especially when you’ve got a great electric bike to propel you forward.

Mondays UNLTD: roll into Mondays with a grin

Share your buzz

Put out the kind of vibe that you want to see more of. You’ll always get it back.

Be that commuter whistling along to their playlist. Buy your colleague a coffee. Wheel your neighbour’s recycling bin back in. Invite a friend over who you haven't talked to in a while. It's a fine day to be alive.

Eat the blinking pastry

Head to your favourite coffee stop, get your regular order, and grab the pastry that’s calling your name. Maybe chat with the barista if they're not overwhelmed with orders. Sit by the window and people watch. Savour every bite and continue with your day. And thank yourself for choosing soul food this time. Maybe make it a weekly treat with a colleague or a friend?

And if you’re in Valencia, head to News & Coffee like Genna. News and Coffee is about the joy in the little things: one of them being the simplicity of the Newsstand. Grab a coffee to go and flick through a selection of newspapers, independent magazines, and books.

Make it effortless

Your daily movement shouldn’t weigh you down.

That’s why the Commuter:ON is compact and carriable, with all the essentials to move fast in the city.

It blurs the line between bike and electric bike, blending functionality and efficiency for effortless commuting. And the FAZUA RIDE 60 drive system is motor support that doesn’t even feel like motor support: it’s light touch and no lurch. So if you secretly love to speed ahead of the crowd when the lights turn green (don’t we all), could use some help up a hill, or fancy a chilled weekend city cruise, the FAZUA RIDE 60 motor fits the bill. Take the shortcut to work and ride the long route back home. You’ll love it.

You can easily switch up the support thanks to the fully integrated setup on the handlebar remote too: choose Breeze, River, or Rocket riding mode with a press of the thumb. The names speak for themselves.

And if it’s not so sunny, don’t let that stop you. This e-bike comes readily equipped with durable aluminium mudguards. No worries about mud marks or splashback on your outfit. And to make sure you’re completely weather-proof, you can check out Canyon city-ready gear and accessories, don your waterproof trousers, and go get some fresh air.

So drop your things in the panniers. Catch the pastel-coloured sunrise. Glide seamlessly past standstill traffic. The streets are all yours after all.


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