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Canyon Hybrid bikes
Canyon Hybrid bikes
Canyon Hybrid bikes
Canyon Hybrid bikes
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  • Wide tyres and front suspension
  • Upright, comfortable riding
  • Integrated lights, racks and navigation

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  • 8 items
  • Pathlite:ON 7 SUV
    • 750 Wh battery
    • -16%
    • Color: Copper
    • Color: Tundra Green
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, Bosch Performance Line CX
    From 3.129 €
    3.749 €
    You save 620 €
    or from 521,50 €/Mo.
  • Pathlite:ON 6 SUV
    • 625 Wh battery
    • -16%
    • Color: Tundra Green
    • Color: Ivory
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, Bosch Performance Line CX
    2.699 €
    3.249 €
    You save 550 €
    or from 449,83 €/Mo.
  • Pathlite:ON 6 750 SUV step-through
    • 750 Wh battery
    • -15%
    • Color: Tundra Green
    • Color: Outback Orange
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, Shimano CN-M6100
    2.869 €
    3.399 €
    You save 530 €
    or from 478,17 €/Mo.
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    No-nonsense pedal power

  • Pathlite:ON 7 SUV step-through
    • 750 Wh battery
    • -16%
    • Color: Ivory
    • Color: Lake Blue
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, Shimano CN-M6100
    From 3.129 €
    3.749 €
    You save 620 €
    or from 521,50 €/Mo.
  • Pathlite:ON 4 SUV
    • 625 Wh battery
    • -18%
    • Color: Copper
    • Color: Ivory
    Shimano CN-HG601 11s, Shimano Deore M5100 11s
    1.999 €
    2.449 €
    You save 450 €
    or from 333,17 €/Mo.
  • Pathlite:ON 5 SUV
    • Only available in S | L
    • 625 Wh battery
    • Color: Tundra Green
    Shimano CN-HG601 11s, Shimano Deore M5100 11s
    2.249 €
    2.699 €
    You save 450 €
    or from 374,83 €/Mo.
  • Pathlite:ON 5 750 SUV step-through
    • Only available in L
    • 750 Wh battery
    • Color: Ivory White
    • Color: Outback Orange
    Shimano CN-HG601 11s, Shimano Deore M5100 11s
    2.499 €
    2.949 €
    You save 450 €
    or from 416,50 €/Mo.
  • E-Bike finder

    E-Bike finder

    We’ll help you find your dream E-Bike, in a flash.
  • Pathlite:ON 8 SUV
    • 750 Wh battery
    • -16%
    • Color: Ivory
    • Color: Copper
    Bosch Performance Line CX, Gates CDX Belt
    From 3.489 €
    4.199 €
    You save 710 €
    or from 581,50 €/Mo.
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Electric touring bike

With an e-touring bike, you can be flexible: whether it's a weekend ride, a commute, a road trip or a gravel road - compromises are a thing of the past.

What is an electric touring bike?

A hybrid e-bike combines the comfort and manoeuvrability of a conventional bicycle with the power of an electric motor. Electric touring bikes for women and men feel equally at home on paved roads, dirt tracks and forest paths.

Compared to other all-rounders such as gravel bikes and gravel e-bikes , a hybrid touring bike has straight handlebars. The wide, all-terrain tyres are a common feature of these versatile bikes. They provide you with sufficient grip and traction on unpaved surfaces. At the same time, the tyres roll quickly and smoothly on tarmac. Whichever path you choose - with a touring e-bike you will be on your way quickly and safely.

Some Canyon touring e-bikes are equipped with a suspension fork so that you don't have to worry about small roots or potholes. On a touring bike you usually sit in an upright position. This is a feature that hybrid bikes share with city bikes and city e-bikes. The upright seating position is easy on your back and provides a practical all-around view. This means you can enjoy longer rides and keep an eye on everything in traffic and off-road.

The electric version of a touring bike combines practical everyday features and geometry with the additional power of an e-drive. This means that even more routes are open to you. Steep gradients and headwinds no longer hold you back.

Purpose of an electric touring bike

The great advantage of touring bikes with a motor is their almost unlimited range of use. Are you looking for a bike that will get you safely through the urban jungle? That's easy for a touring e-bike. The all-rounder is your reliable companion - whether in snow, rain or wind. Do you like to exercise on your bike after work? Are rides through the countryside part of your weekend? An electric touring bike for men and women is just as suitable for that. Enjoy relaxed rides through nature on an electric touring bike or complete your weekly workout.

An e-bike hybrid is also an environmentally conscious alternative to the car. You get more exercise in your everyday life and can leave the car behind. With a touring pedelec, you can easily do your shopping and take your children to nursery. And of course, your health will benefit even with motor support.

There are of course limits. Touring e-bikes are not suitable for hard, fast off-road descents. You can find the right mountain bike or E-MTB for this purpose online at Canyon.

Touring e-bikes from Canyon

The e-touring bikes from Canyon are packed with unique features. You benefit from the best riding experience and maximum agility. Get to know our electric touring bikes Pathlite:ON and Roadlite:ON.

Our Pathlite:ON

With the Pathlite:ON from Canyon, there are no wrong turns. Shortcuts become your adventures. The electric bike is your perfect companion on old and new paths. Do you value versatility and comfort when riding? Then the Pathlite:ON from Canyon is your e-bike.

  • Suspension fork

The electric all-rounder is equipped with a fork with 100 millimetres of suspension travel. This increases the bike's contact with the ground and guarantees comfort while riding regardless of whether the terrain is easy or rough. In combination with the dropper seat post on the Pathlite:ON SUV models, you’ll have fun even when riding through steep corners and rough terrain.

  • Tyres

Wide MTB tyres keep you safely on track on gravel paths. Uphill and downhill, the tyres provide the necessary grip. The components from proven manufacturers guarantee durability.

  • E-drivetrain

The 500 Wh battery supplies the powerful electric motor with as much energy as you need for your rides.

  • Frame

You can choose the frame shape of your new e-bike: Do you prefer a low, comfortable entry? Then the Pathlite:ON SUV step-through without a top tube is the right bike for you. The diamond frame of the lightweight Pathlite:ON is a classic.

  • Brakes

The hydraulic disc brakes of the Pathlite:ON bring you safely to a halt.

  • Additional features

The sturdy aluminium mudguards ensure a pleasant ride in wind and foul weather. You arrive at your destination with clean trousers - a relief when you get to the office! The integrated lights offer you a clear view in darkness and fog and make you visible to other road users.

The Pathlite:ON SUV – Speed and comfort combined

Our Pathlite:ON SUV is the e-bike for every age and fitness level. With the 750 Wh battery, you are also well-prepared for your next cycling holiday. The battery is integrated into the down tube and is easy to charge. You can either remove the battery and connect it to the charger or use the bike's integrated charging socket. With the Pathlite:ON SUV step-through frame, you can easily hop on and off your bike.

Do you want to carry a lot of luggage on your next ride or cycle tour? No problem. The integrated pannier rack can carry a weight of up to 25 kilograms. The bicycle panniers are easy to attach and fasten thanks to the clever suspension system. In addition, the e-bike is compatible with the Crooze bicycle trailer. This is perfect for towing kids or for extra luggage space. The integrated lights complete the setup of the Pathlite:ON SUV perfectly. This touring e-bike combines multifunctionality with a safe riding experience - whether off-road or in the city.

Our Roadlite:ON

The Roadlite:ON is our fitness e-bike. This electric touring bike stands for speed and dynamics. You’re guaranteed to have a great time. The agility, light handling and low weight of the Roadlite:ON make this bike an obvious choice for those looking for quick trips around town. The interplay of road bike genes and electric assistance offers an unparalleled riding experience.

  • E-drivetrain

The Fazua drivetrain system creates a natural feel and lets you cruise elegantly over the tarmac. At the same time, riding the Roadlite:ON becomes an effective workout. The three power levels of the drive system mean you can be flexible. You decide how much support you need. Select level 1 with 100 watts of support and train your endurance. For difficult climbs, select level 3 and with an additional 250 watts, you'll be the first to reach the top.

  • Riding position

A sporty riding position gives all day comfort but means you can get the most from your ride whether you’re on the way to the supermarket, on the way to work or getting an evening workout.

  • Weight

The low weight of 16 kilograms is not only a great advantage uphill. It also enables handling that is unparalleled among e-bikes and completes the dynamic character of this hybrid e-bike.

  • Tyres

40mm wide gravel tyres let you zoom across the tarmac and offer a secure grip on wet surfaces and light gravel.

  • Battery

The battery of the Roadlite:ON is located in the down tube and can be easily charged. Use the included charger to keep it topped up.

  • Riding style

You can easily integrate your workout into your daily routine with a Roadlite:ON from Canyon. Alternatively, you can pedal hard on the weekends. Or how about an e-bike ride with the whole family?

  • Additional equipment

Equip the Roadlite:ON with the right bike accessories such as mudguards to really get started.

The Roadlite:ON LTD

The Roadlite:ON LTD features the RIDE 60, the latest drive system from Fazua. A 430Wh battery powers a motor that provides up to 450 watts of assistance. So even steep climbs with a trailer and luggage are easy. How you charge the battery is up to you. You can take it out or use the charging socket integrated into the pedelec. Easy as pie.

What to look for when buying an e-touring bike?

Ask yourself in advance what you mainly want to use your bike for. This should be your guide when buying a touring e-bike.

  • Do you like to ride on bridleways and gravel roads? Then look for wide and treaded tyres for a secure grip and good traction. A suspension fork is recommended for off-road use on an electric touring bike. It provides more comfort on bumpy paths. Does this sound like your kind of ride? Then opt for the Pathlite:ON.
  • Choose a lightweight hybrid e-bike if you prefer road traffic and mainly paved cycle paths. With narrower, lighter-tread tyres, you can roll effortlessly over the tarmac. The low weight also has a positive effect uphill. The Roadlite:ON is your first choice if you are looking for a versatile training companion.
  • At Canyon you can choose between different frame shapes for your touring e-bike. Unsure which frame suits you best? Then visit us in Koblenz for a test ride or contact our online support.

Please also note: The motor support of your electric touring bike must provide sufficient power for your intended use. You must also be able to charge the battery easily so that the bike is always ready for everyday use. High-quality components ensure that you can enjoy your bike for a long time.

Buy electric touring bikes online at Canyon

Buying your new e-touring bike online from Canyon offers you many advantages. At Canyon, you benefit from a product portfolio for every budget. Our focus on direct sales reduces the costs for an intermediary and thus enables the highest quality at affordable prices.

Whether on the phone, by e-mail or in a chat: Canyon support will be happy to help you. Get in touch at any time. Flexible payment options as well as generous guarantee and return policies secure your purchase. Have your dream bike delivered to your doorstep, 95% assembled.

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