Jun 22, 2021 Canyon.com
Jun 22, 2021 Canyon.com

Peter Stetina’s limited edition gravel kit

Canyon’s latest kit and bike collaboration with Peter Stetina reflects his personality and riding style. Find out more about the design here.

Peter Stetina’s limited edition gravel kit Peter Stetina’s limited edition gravel kit

You wouldn’t trust a cowboy in clean threads. The same goes for a tested gravel rider—we’re a bit worse for wear.

What this gravel kit means for Peter Stetina

Peter Stetina wanted a custom Grail and gravel cycling kit that paid homage to all aspects of his life and career as a cyclist. The man who pioneered the “privateer” model of gravel wanted a kit that captured everything gravel riding and racing means to him.

“Most of my adventures take place in the American west,” Stetina explained. With races and training taking place against the harsh and open backdrop of the American west, one cannot help but see Stetina as a proverbial “cowboy” in the cycling world. “You wouldn’t trust a cowboy in clean threads,” said Stetina, “The same goes for a tested gravel rider—we’re a bit worse for wear.”

The desperado of gravel also reflects an animal that captures Stetina’s ride style to a tee. “I’m so inspired by raccoons,” said Stetina. “[It’s] a survivor, scrappy, ferocious when cornered, and eats anything. And I have year-round raccoon eyes from glasses tan lines.”

This kit for Peter had to capture these three elements: The terrain he rides, classic American cowboy iconography, and the scrappy resourcefulness of the raccoon.

How the design came to life

Ultan Coyle, the designer behind the kit design, had a well of material to draw on. “Southwestern culture [features] arid deserts, red rock landscapes, rugged mountains—this is Pete’s stomping ground which we will tap into as the basis of [the] design,” said Coyle, “From a colour palette derived from the landscape to graphic forms inspired by traditional weaving techniques.”

Continuing, Coyle highlighted the desire to incorporate the two key animal themes of the kit—the raccoon and the Phoenix, the animal that returns from ashes to become brighter and stronger than before.

“Pete’s career has several Phoenix-like moments—most notable, returning to top form after a horrific crash at the 2015 Tour of the Basque Country,” Coyle recognises. “This ability to rise from the ashes and overcome adversity. Characteristics also embodied by the humble raccoon. Tenacious, meticulous and highly adaptable.”

The kit features raccoon prints across the shoulders and has a “Phoenix print” that transitions from dark to light, incorporated into traditional southwestern weave patterns that are equally reminiscent of the desert sun.

Stetina admits that a good gravel racer, like a cowboy, is always “a little worse for wear,” which prompted Coyle to add a blur effect to the clean lines of the Phoenix pattern to distress the appearance, as one would expect of a cowboy’s clothes after countless days and nights on the range.

Peter Stetina's Limited Edition Jersey Peter Stetina's Limited Edition Jersey

The perfect kit for gravel riders

This limited edition kit is made with the Sportful Supergiara Escape line for men and women. Used by Stetina at Unbound 2021, this kit was purpose built for the most demanding days in the saddle spanning many hours under the hot sun.

The jersey features lightweight fabric for maximum breathability, 6 back pockets for extra stowage of food and gear and reinforced areas subject to higher stress. Reflective elements have been added for safety, and the trim is complete with aerodynamic sleeves and gripper elastic at the bottom of the jersey.

The Supergiara Escape bibs feature high stretch, abrasion-resistant fabric, and a mesh pocket on the left side with two additional pockets on the back. With extra storage in the bibs, you’re able to stash bars, gels, or tools to facilitate the longest rides. “I have 8 pockets to separate my snacks, rubbish, and tools… I didn’t need a pack during the 10.5-hour Kokopelli FKT effort, I was able to carry 10 hours’ worth of food with me,” according to Stetina.

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