Apr 6, 2022 Canyon.com
Apr 6, 2022 Canyon.com

Mountain Bike Courses for Safety and Speed

Do you want to ride mountain trails with confidence? MTB courses are available to take you to the next level.

Mountain Bike Courses for Safety and Speed MTB Academy | © by Markus Greber

Why should I take an MTB riding technique course?

Most people first get on a bike in childhood. Others start a little later. Confidence levels vary, but the basics of riding a bike are not too difficult. Once you take it off-road, however, that all changes. Rough trails, steep slopes and challenging weather conditions all make mountain biking more dangerous. That said, it can also be more exciting!

For safer and faster trail riding, mountain biking classes are a real benefit. You’re taught vital bike know-how, like how to position your body on the bike and how to use your senses to judge the terrain. Correct braking technique, judging cornering speed and best gear use are also key skills for developing confidence.

Mountain Bike Courses for Safety and Speed MTB Academy | © by Markus Greber

Are MTB courses only worthwhile for beginners or also for advanced riders?

MTB classes are a great start for novice bikers. Learning to ride safely with confidence is an essential first step. Riding on rough terrain and slopes requires the right body position on the bike. Being aware of how to shift rider weight when cornering is also important. Also, the correct use of technical aspects, like brakes and gears, is crucial for controlling the bike.

Intermediate riders can also develop their skills to take on more technical trails and fast descents. Mountain bike classes improve competence at climbing and descending. Learn about advanced braking, unweighting, line choice and other pro techniques for faster and safer riding on difficult slopes.

Even very experienced riders can still finesse their expertise. Professional MTB skills training can help riders tackle the most dangerous black graded trails with confidence. You can improve on jumps and deal with lips, rollers, table-tops and drop-offs - all features found on more advanced trails. What's more, coaching can prepare you for the rocky descents and extreme climbs that only experts should consider.

How often should I take a mountain bike course?

Mountain biking lessons are not just useful when you're starting out. Courses are typically targeted at specific competencies from basic to expert levels. They're designed to match particular trail difficulty levels and improve specified skills. However, even if you're happy with your level, there's still more to learn. MTB riding can be a dangerous business. It's always valuable to return to some mountain bike classes to refresh your skills and stay safe.

What's more, if you're engaged in competitive riding, you'll want to make sure your mountain bike skills training is up to date. Techniques improve, and trails are constantly evolving. For example, it's now much more common to find aerial features in trails. The only way to attain your best performance is to embrace the jumps. MTB skills courses for intermediate and advanced riders prepare you for takeoffs and landings with confidence, keeping you safe and fast.

Mountain Bike Courses for Safety and Speed MTB Academy | © by Markus Greber

Where can I do a mountain bike course?

The great thing about mountain bike lessons is that they're totally hands-on. That means you can learn on the trail. Many MTB tracks are in some of the most beautiful areas of the world. Discover rugged trails, mountains, lakes and more during mountain bike coaching courses virtually anywhere. In the UK alone, for example, mountain bike skills courses are available in many of the UK’s best mountain biking regions. the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District, the Forest of Dean and the Surrey Hills, amongst many other beautiful spots.

Of course, convenience is important, too. Many ask, can I find an MTB skills course near me? If you can't get out to a beauty spot, you'll still be able to find classes available near most urban centres. It's even possible to set yourself up for a backyard mountain bike skills course. You'll need a few adaptations to turn your garden into a mountain bike obstacle course, but it's possible!

Is an MTB riding technique course worthwhile?

The short answer? Yes! There's no level of rider who won't benefit from some specialised training. They're also set up for all kinds of riders. You'll find children's mountain bike courses, as well as ladies' mountain bike skills courses and many more. These coaching sessions will give you the confidence to ride at your fastest with less risk of injury. Plus, they're also great fun. You'll get to meet other riders and exchange stories, as well as seeing some beautiful landscapes. But most of all, the chance to ride the most enjoyable trails with expert guidance is what makes MTB classes so worthwhile.
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