Loris Revelli
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The Italian downhill and enduro sensation has stepped up with Canyon CLLCTV, so let's find out more about him.

Enduro World Series and downhill mountain biker Loris Revelli is always ready to perform. From the trails of his home in Sanremo, Italy to the elite racing ranks, let's see what Loris Revelli is all about.

177 cm
What's your warm-up routine before a race?
Some sprints on the turbo trainer and a small circuit with easy exercises for the upper body.
What are your top 3 music tracks for getting pumped to ride?
I don’t really have a top 3 tracks, I like to change every time , I also really like the crankbrothers radio on Spotify, so I can listen the sound tracks of my favorite riders.
What's the dumbest way you've injured yourself?
When I was 15 I was riding to school on the road and there was a bus around a corner. I started breaking really hard but was too late and I went straight into it and broke my wrist!
What’s your favourite training ride?
I really love where I live in Italy, so every ride is sick. I don’t have a loop that I do always because I really love to mix it up.
Loris Revelli
Training in the gym or training on the bike?
Bike training for sure
Mud or dust?
Roots or Rocks?
27.5", 29er or Mullet?
What scares you?
Snakes ahah

A win is really good but nothing can beat when you leave everything on the track

Would you rather old school geometry with modern suspension or old school suspension and modern geometry?
It depends on how old it is! Probably modern geometry with old school suspension will be safer.
Would you rather come first with a run you weren’t happy with or come second knowing you left everything on the course?
Win is really good but nothing can beat when you leave everything on the track.
How do you remain calm before a race or hitting a big feature?
I try to enjoy the moments, joking with my mechanic.
Goals for 2022:
Top 20 overall and maybe some top 10s

What's your race bike setup?

Fork pressure: 135 psi
Fork tokens: 5
Fork rebound clicks: 8/10
Fork compression clicks: HSP 2 LSC 6/8
Shock spring weight/pressure: 425
Shock rebound clicks: 7
Shock compression clicks: 3
Tyre pressure: front 1.55 bar, rear 1.65/ 1.7 bar


  • 2nd Italian Downhill National Championships

    Viola St Gréé, Italy

Loris Revelli
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