Tomas Lemoine
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The Frenchman with no fear is the boss off slopestyle racing.

Tomas ‘Lil Moine’ Lemoine is a man with no fear. He’s no stranger to Crankworx and other slopestyle events and continues to surprise everyone watching from the sidelines.

1.87 m
What's your warm-up routine before a race?
Just keep moving my body
What are your top 3 music tracks for getting pumped to ride?
Changes all the time - depends on what songs I’m really digging to at the moment but right now I’d say: Unaverage gang - Underworld, Ghostemane - I duckinf hatw you & Freeze corleone - Freeze rael
What's the dumbest way you've injured yourself?
Crashing doing a Ollie on a skateboard
Tomas Lemoine
Training in the gym or training on the bike?
On the bike
Street or Park?
Dirt jumps or freeride?
Dirt jumps
24, 26, 27.5", 29er or Mullet?
26 or 27.5

I tell myself that I live for this

Would you rather old school geometry with modern suspension or old school suspension and modern geometry?
Old school suspension on a modern geometry haha my suspension is always super hard.
Would you rather come first with a run you weren’t happy with or come second knowing you left everything on the course?
2nd and leave everything on course!
How do you remain calm before a race or hitting a big feature?
I tell myself that I live for this and I should be capable of managing it.
Goals for the year ahead:
Have fun, send big moves, hopefully hop on some podiums, release music!

What's your freeride bike setup?

Bike: Canyon Torque 27.5
Fork tokens: 2
Shock spring weight/pressure: I’m not sure but hard haha
Tyre pressure: 3bars (sorry)
Any other mods to the bike? I’m thinking about a single speed on it


  • 2021 Crankworx Championship

    5th overall

Tomas Lemoine Rider Profile
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