What's wrong with my existing mount?

You like to pimp your bike - that's a given. You've already got a GPS or cycle computer to track your location, speed, heart rate and much more, but what about your GPS mounting? All devices these days come with their own mounts for securing on your handlebars. However, these may not be the best GPS mounts you can get.

At their simplest, these GPS holders may be just a couple of rubber loops that wrap around the handlebars or stem. However, these can be hard to position accurately and liable to spring off if you're not careful! This is even more likely if you cycle off-road, where cheap mounts cannot secure your GPS attachment against vibrations and jolts.

What's more, if you're weight conscious with your ride, you may worry if your bike's GPS holder is a bit heavy. The stock mounts with your product could weigh an few extra grammes too many for your liking. In that case, you'll do well to decide on the best Garmin or Wahoo mount as a replacement.

If you're looking for an Alpitude mount or a Garmin holder for your bike, what are the factors you need to consider when making your choice?

The best Garmin, Wahoo & GPS mounts for your bike Mount for Garmin GPS cycling computer

What to look for in a mount

Depending on how and where you cycle, you'll want to consider different criteria when choosing your bike's GPS mount: how solid it is, how it fixes on, and what it's made of.

Weight and Solidity

If you ride on the road, you won't be troubled too much by sudden jolts, and weight may be your major consideration. You can, therefore, choose a Garmin GPS bracket that's light, discreet and stylish. Also, let's be honest, style on your ride may be as important here as weight!

However, a lightweight mount may be less suitable for off-road use. If you're racing down rough trails and bouncing in and out of potholes, you'll need something secure. Lightweight units will wobble about more and may fall off more readily, so you'll have to compromise on weight with your MTB Garmin mount.

Integrated vs Non-Integrated

Your GPS mount can either be attached to the handlebars with a detachable fixing or secured to the stem by an integrated system. The more easily detachable mounts, at their simplest, can be fixed by pieces of elastic, but these are unlikely to be very secure. More reliable Garmin mounting brackets are secured by a fixed cuff around the handlebars, tightened with screws. These should withstand a lot of bouncing up and down and would be perfect for everyday use.

However, for more demanding terrain and for less intrusive fastenings, integrated mounts are your best bet. Garmin stem mounts fix directly onto an attachment on the stem and will not fall off! The Canyon MTB Garmin mount, for example, weighs only 18 g. Its sleek and smart design means it can be easily rotated to work just as well as a Wahoo mount.

Metal vs Plastic

Plastic is usually lighter and cheaper, and most of the simpler Garmin handlebar mount brackets are fashioned from plastic. They're also appealing in terms of price. However, in rougher conditions, plastic mounts are more easily dislodged and may also get broken more readily if you take a tumble on the trail.

The other main material for Garmin GPS brackets is metal. Metal is usually more robust and easier to fit without damaging the bracket itself. Metal brackets are also generally more discreet. Many integrated mounts, which tend to be simpler in appearance, are made from metal. For serious cyclists, the best GPS mounts are usually metal. They're designed to be less wobbly, stronger and more durable, and they usually look better as well!

The best Garmin, Wahoo & GPS mounts for your bike Mount for Wahoo GPS cycling computer

Which mount should I choose?

Obviously, you'll need to secure a GPS holder that is compatible with your chosen device. For a handlebar-mounted bracket, one of the best Garmin Edge brackets is probably the Garmin Edge Aero mount. It fixes to the handlebar directly in the rider's field of vision. Yet, unlike many handlebar mounts, it intrudes on neither the stem nor the handlebars themselves, leaving more space for lights and other gadgets or your hands.

For Wahoo ELEMNT Roam users, the Wahoo ELEMNT Roam Spoon mount is a great option. Its stylish looks work well with all sorts of bikes, onto which it is secured firmly with two screws. What's more, it complies with UCI guidelines. Wahoo users will be happy with this fixing.

If you prefer a centre mount, the Topeak RideCase Center Mount Bracket is a good choice. Its fixed position is suitable for smooth road cycling, and with the G-Ear adapter, it works well with your Garmin for road bikes.

New for 2022, the Canyon 3D printed carbon fibre GPS mounts for Garmin and Wahoo are a no-brainer for those looking to save weight. At just 17g, the 3D printed mounts are one of the lightest on the market. They've been tested extensively by our pros including during Paris-Roubaix, so you know you're getting the best.

GPS Handlebar Mounts

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