Jan 18, 2023 Claudia Krug
Jan 18, 2023 Claudia Krug

The perfect tyre pressure for your e-bike

The right tyre pressure not only impacts your overall comfort and safety but also how much range you get from your e-bike.

The perfect tyre pressure for your e-bike The right air pressure for your e-bike

Your bicycle tyres are your direct connection to the ground. They give you direct feedback to the terrain and help your corner safely. The right tyre pressure on your e-bike makes a significant difference to your overall riding experience and rolling resistance.


How much tyre pressure does an e-bike need?

There is no general answer to this question. Factors such as riding style, weight, tyre width and weather can change the required tyre pressure. Too much pressure reduces the fun factor on every ride because you will clearly feel every little stone under your tyres. However, too little pressure can lead to higher tyre wear. But don't worry, the search for the right tyre pressure on the E-Bike Fortunately, is not rocket science. We'll tell you which factors you have to consider:

  • Tyre width and usage
  • Combined weight of rider, bike and luggage
  • Terrain
  • Weather and climatic conditions
  • Riding style and comfort

E-bike air pressure and tyre width

A quick look at the tyre's sidewall reveals the first clue to the ideal tyre pressure. Here you will find the standardised ETRTO tyre size and the recommended minimum and maximum tyre pressure limits. This information serves as a good starting point ​​in search of the right tyre pressure for your e-bike. Make sure that you always stay within the given values. Both too little and too much pressure can damage the tyre.

The rule applies here: wider tyres need less air pressure. Compared to narrow racing bike tyres, hybrid e-bike tyres are ridden with less pressure as they are between 37 and 50 millimetres wide. This has a direct increase in comfort. Wide bicycle tyres dampen the unevenness of the road.

The right tyre pressure on your e-bike The right tyre pressure on your e-bike

How weight influences your e-bike's tyre pressure

The air pressure must always be based on the total weight of the rider, bicycle and luggage. The rider makes up most of the overall weight. As a rule of thumb: the higher the weight, the higher the required tyre pressure within the approved values ​​of your tyre. Heavy riders generally have to put more pressure on their tyres than lighter riders. You also need to consider bike bags, a backpack full of groceries or a child seat when adjusting the air pressure. If the tyre pressure is too low for the overall weight, then comfort, puncture resistance and ultimately safety will suffer.

What tyre pressure for which surface for the e-bike?

On a smooth asphalt, a tyre rolls significantly better with higher pressure. Similarly, on dirt roads and other uneven streets, too much tyre pressure prevents bumps being absorbed under the tyre. You will clearly notice these bumps in your wrists, back and neck in the long run. So, you should also adjust your tyre pressure depending on the route. Which surfaces will you expect on your ride? Less asphalt also means a little less air pressure for more comfort.

How does weather affect tyre pressure?

The tyre should give good grip even when wet. Reduce the air pressure on moist ground for more grip. But not too much! Too low and you'll quickly notice it in your front wheel. The result is spongy steering behaviour and an inability to stop when cornering. Temperature also has an impact on the tyre pressure. High temperatures automatically increase the pressure in the tyre. Check the air pressure to be on the safe side before long hot descents.

Different ridestyle means different tyre pressure

Ultimately, the search for the right air pressure is also a question of your personal riding style. In addition to tyre choice and overall weight, your personal comfort levels also help inform tyre pressure. During your riders, you will quickly notice which air pressure feels good and fits your riding style. It is important to feel safe.

Perfect tyre pressure on the e-bike Perfect tyre pressure on the e-bike

Puncture resistance and tyre pressure

You have learned that less pressure on the tyre increases your comfort. However, there's a balance to be made. Too low and you'll crack the sidewalls of your tyres. The tyre tread also wears out more quickly. If the air pressure is too low, the risk of a puncture increases when you roll over small obstacles such as potholes or light gravel. So called "snakebites" or "pinch flats" (two holes in the tube), are the result. In the worst case, there is damage to the rim.

Are you fed up of patching tubes? Then a tubeless setup may be the right solution for you. Especially on E-MTB The puncture protection with sealant is very popular and reliable. Take a look at our tubeless tutorial to learn more! Note that the tyres and rim must be tubeless compatible.

Tyre pressure and battery power on your e-bike: What do I have to consider?

The tyre pressure determines how strongly the tyre is deformed when rolling along in contact with obstacles. This creates friction and thus rolling resistance. This loss of energy must be compensated for by the rider and the e-bike motor. With increasing speed, the rolling resistance increases, which must be overcome. To get everything out of your battery, you should keep an eye on the rolling resistance. Too little air pressure can have a negative impact on the rolling resistance and absorb unnecessary power.

The right air pressure for your e-bike The right air pressure for your e-bike

The right air pressure for your e-bike: tips for on the go

Have you finally found the right air pressure for your e-bike? Congratulations! Now we make sure that you don't run out of the air on the go. You should always have these little helpers with you on your rides:

The right bicycle pump carrying on your ride

A good mini pump belongs in your luggage on every bike ride. In the event of a flat, it often decides your next move for the day. Modern hand pumps are very handy and you'll barely notice they're there. Pay attention to the specified pump volume when buying. If you see "HP" in the product name, it stands for “High Pressure”. It is suitable for narrow tyres that are ridden with high pressure, for example on road bikes. "High Volume" pumps can be used for all wide tyres with a lot of volume. You'll have air in your tube again in no time.

If every minute counts, you can use CO2 cartridges in an emergency. These are particularly suitable for large-volume tyres on an E-MTB. Pressure is back in the tyre within seconds. However, they are not the most environmentally friendly solution for everyday punctures and usually intended for racing situations.

Digital tyre pressure gauge

At home, a high-quality track pump with a gauge works well. But even then we advise you check the front and rear tyres of your bicycle regularly. A digital gauge can help you be more precise and offers the tyre pressure in PSI or bar.

Valve adapter for stopping at petrol stations

When buying your pump and spare tubes you have to pay attention to the valve type. There are many different bicycle valve types with the most common being Presta and Schrader valves. If you pass a petrol station and need to pump up your tyres, you can do so if you use Schrader valves. If not, you'll need to bring a valve adapter with you.

Patches, tyre boots and replacement tubes

Mechanicals are a rite of passage for everyone. With the right repair kit you can easily fix them at the side of the road or trail. Make sure you have a patch, multitool, tyre levers and replacement tubes, especially on longer rides. Don't let anything stands in the way of your e-bike ride!

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