Jan 25, 2020 Canyon.com
Jan 25, 2020 Canyon.com

Why you should buy a women's electric mountain bike

Why should you buy a women’s-specific E-MTB? Find out what sets our WMN bikes apart.

Why you should buy a women's electric mountain bike Grand Canyon:ON

Why should you buy a women’s-specific e-mtb?

E-mountain bikes are all about riding more! They make it simple to go farther faster and all but guarantee you’ll spend more time in the saddle. That’s why it’s even more important to pick one that’s an exact fit. Find out if one of our women-specific models is right for you!

At Canyon, we believe that little details make a big difference. Narrower handlebars, shorter stems, women’s-specific components and special suspension tunings all come together to make the Neuron:ON WMN, Grand Canyon:ON WMN and Spectral:ON WMN unique full-suspension e-bikes specially developed for ladies looking to tear up trail.

The Right Fit

Picking the right e-mtb can be a difficult process. There are so many good e-bikes out there that it comes down to the specifics to truly figure out the best fit. That’s where our WMN bikes come in!

Canyon engineers took feedback from thousands of women riders - including those on our pro squads - to figure out exactly how to best improve ride quality and handling for lady shredders. What did they find? Women tend to have narrower shoulders and shorter torsos. That means by simply narrowing the handlebars and shortening the stems of our smaller size bikes, we were able to make real improvements to handling and control. Suddenly XS and S bikes that were once more difficult to steer down trail now offer the same ride quality as their larger counterparts.

However, many women will simply need to make minor tweaks to a unisex bike to find the right fit, so it’s always worth using our Perfect Positioning System to figure out which bike is ideal for you.

Size Specifics

The average woman rider tends to be slightly smaller than the average man. To address this, we decided to only stock WMN models in sizes XS, S and M. This allows us to focus in and optimise the smaller bikes within the range.

For example, size XS and S Neuron:ON WMN bikes come with 27.5” wheels instead of 29”. The smaller 27.5” wheels keep a smaller rider’s centre of gravity lower and proportionally shrink the entire setup to maintain the same balanced progressive geometry as the 29” equipped larger models.

Suspension Tuning

Many of our women-specific e-mtbs come with both front forks and rear shocks that have been custom-tuned by the manufacturers to be set up for smaller riders. Why’s that? Well, smaller riders weigh less and need the start of the linkage’s stroke to exert more force and properly engage the rear air shock. Also, the end of the stroke doesn’t need to be as progressive as it’s more difficult for lighter riders to bottom out a bike’s suspension.

The SD:ON WMN Saddle

Developed by engineers and designers from both Canyon and Ergon, the SD:ON WMN is the result of serious research. Engineers worked with university students to run x-rays and CT scans of both women and men’s pelvises to determine what exactly the best woman’s saddle would look like.

The result is the SD:ON WMN. Because women’s pelvises tilt further forward while riding, the saddle uses a cut out that runs farther up the front to relieve pressure. It also has a shorter nose to keep it out of the way when standing. The saddle also rises up in the rear to offer greater support when using the bike’s motor to pedal up seriously steep climbs.

Explore More

E-mountain bikes open up a whole new world of off-road riding and it’s important to jump in with the right bike. Check out the Neuron:ON WMN, Grand Canyon:ON, Spectral:ON WMN and our Perfect Positioning System to get yourself sized up and find your dream e-mountain bike!

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