Jakob Jewett
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The Canadian downhill rider is ready to shred at a moment’s notice.

Having come up through the junior ranks, Jake Jewett is proving himself at every level of downhill racing. His home trails in Squamish, British Columbia are the perfect training ground for the world stage. Get used to hearing his name – he’s one to watch.

What's your warm-up routine before a race?
It usually consists 20 minutes on the spin bike & 10 minutes of body weight movements.
What are your top 3 music tracks for getting pumped to ride?
1. More than friends / 2. Knights of cydonia / 3. Hurricane
What's the dumbest way you've injured yourself?
I once broke my big toe chasing after my little brother in our house.
What’s your favourite training ride?
Any training ride that I get to take out my Strive, that’s always a good time!
Jakob Jewett
Training in the gym or training on the bike?
On bike
Mud or dust?
Roots or Rocks?
27.5", 29er or Mullet?
What scares you?
Jakob Jewett
Would you rather old school geometry with modern suspension or old school suspension and modern geometry?
Old school geometry with modern suspension.
Would you rather come first with a run you weren’t happy with or come second knowing you left everything on the course?
I would rather win!
Goals for 2022:
My goal is to be the 3rd fastest Canadian after Mark Wallace & Finn Iles.
Canyon Sender CFR Mullet
Canyon Sender CFR Mullet
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What's your race bike setup?

Fork tokens: 3.5
Shock spring weight/pressure: Spring 375 / Pressure 115
Tyre pressure: 23 psi in the front & 27 in the rear


  • 10th UCI World Cup

    Snowshoe USA

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