Spectral LTD AXS 29

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  • Color: Mono Chrome
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8,449.00 US$
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Spectral LTD AXS 29
  • Front Fork Travel
    160 mm
  • Material
    Carbon (CF)
  • Weight
    13.76 kg

Spectral LTD AXS 29 A dream bike in the truest sense of the word. With its premium carbon parts and smart, wirelessly connected and app-configurable components, the Spectral LTD AXS is a truly next-gen trail bike.

Spectral LTD AXS 29

SRAM Flight Attendant: next-level connectivity

Experience cutting-edge wireless integration with SRAM AXS technology. Sensors on the fork, shock, and crank register every bump in the terrain and monitor every pedal stroke. The system uses this data to adjust the suspension to current trail conditions in real time – and you can even fine-tune things using a mobile app. Ride faster, more efficiently, and concentrate 100% on the trail.
Spectral LTD AXS 29

Canyon CP009 Carbon-Cockpit

This new one-piece carbon cockpit is made for gravity riding with a premium design and ergonomics that meet the demands of the most exacting modern riders. We thoroughly test every cockpit we make in our test lab, so we can guarantee the very highest levels of manufacturing quality and durability. Depending on frame size, the bar width varies between from 760 mm (S) to 780 mm (M – XL).
Spectral LTD AXS 29

Durability & simple maintenance

The bike’s high-grade industrial bearings are coated with a special grease for extra-long lifespan. We also designed every point on the bike to be easy to access – so you can spend more time riding, and less time in the workshop. Plus: easily exchangeable threads are simple to swap out if damaged or worn.