Mountain Bike 27,5 pollici

Mountain Bike 27,5 pollici

27.5-inch bikes are an ideal choice for those who seek a balance between maneuverability and stability, making them a versatile tool for any mountain biker. Discover our collection of 27.5-inch mountain bikes now and experience the ultimate MTB riding experience! Thanks to the advanced geometry and short wheelbase, you can achieve greater agility and maneuverability on twisty trails and in challenging terrain.

  • 31 articoli
    • Colore: Summit Silver
    • Colore: Rock Red
    Shimano SLX a 12 velocità, FOX 34 Float Performance GRIP
    3.049 €
    o a partire da 87,02 €/mese.
    • Colore: Moss Green
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS Transmission, FOX 34 Float Factory FIT4
    5.149 €
    o a partire da 146,96 €/mese.
    • Colore: Valley Purple
    SRAM X0 Eagle AXS Transmission, FOX 34 Factory 29 Grip2
    6.149 €
    o a partire da 175,50 €/mese.
  • Canyon Lux Trail

    Lux Trail CF 6

    Biammortizzata da XC con 120 mm di escursione
    • Colore: Soft Moss
    • Colore: Radiant Red
    SRAM SX Eagle, RockShox Judy Silver
    1.349 €
    o a partire da 38,50 €/mese.
    • Colore: Super Grey
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, SR Suntour XCR
    1.149 €
    o a partire da 32,79 €/mese.
  • Trova MTB

    Trova MTB

    Ti aiuteremo a trovare la MTB dei tuoi sogni, in un attimo.
    • Colore: radical red
    Shimano Deore M6100, Suntour X1 Coil 27.5
    899 €
    o a partire da 25,66 €/mese.
    • Colore: Guardian Angel
    Shimano CUES 10Speed, SR Suntour XCR34
    999 €
    o a partire da 28,51 €/mese.
    • Colore: Shockwave
    Shimano CUES 10Speed, Suntour X1 Coil 27.5
    699 €
    o a partire da 19,95 €/mese.
    • Colore: Shockwave
    Shimano Deore M6100, Manitou Machete
    1.749 €
    o a partire da 49,92 €/mese.
    • Colore: Silver
    Shimano Deore M6100, ROCKSHOX PIKE SELECT
    1.849 €
    o a partire da 52,77 €/mese.
    • Colore: Burned Sand
    Shimano EP600, RockShox ZEB R
    4.199 €
    5.149 €
    Risparmi 950 €
    o a partire da 119,84 €/mese.
    • Colore: Funkturm Grey
    • Colore: Dark Honey
    SRAM SX Eagle, RockShox 35 Silver TK
    2.249 €
    o a partire da 64,19 €/mese.
    • Colore: Fog Grey
    Shimano SLX a 12 velocità, FOX 34 Rhythm
    2.349 €
    o a partire da 67,04 €/mese.
    • Colore: In The Valley
    • Colore: Out Of The Dunes
    Shimano Deore M6100
    2.049 €
    o a partire da 58,48 €/mese.
    • Colore: Glacier Grey
    Shimano SLX a 12 velocità, FOX 34 Float Performance GRIP
    3.049 €
    o a partire da 87,02 €/mese.
    • Colore: Funkturm Grey
    • Colore: Dark Honey
    Shimano Deore M6100, FOX 36 Rhythm Grip
    2.749 €
    o a partire da 78,46 €/mese.
    • Colore: Termite Red
    SRAM SX Eagle, ROCKSHOX 35 Silver TurnKey
    1.349 €
    o a partire da 38,50 €/mese.
    • Colore: Summit Silver
    • Colore: Lake Blue
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 34 Float Performance Elite FIT4
    4.099 €
    o a partire da 116,99 €/mese.
    • Colore: Nowhere Black
    SRAM GX Eagle AXS Transmission, FOX 34 Float Performance GRIP
    3.049 €
    o a partire da 87,02 €/mese.
    • Colore: Brillant Black
    Shimano DEORE XT M8100, FOX 32 Rhythm GRIP
    1.549 €
    o a partire da 44,21 €/mese.
    • Colore: Almost Purple
    SRAM GX Eagle a 12 velocità, RockShox ZEB Select 27.5
    3.049 €
    o a partire da 87,02 €/mese.
    • Colore: Alps White
    • Colore: Soil Red
    Shimano Deore M6100, Rock Shox Recon Silver RL
    1.949 €
    o a partire da 55,63 €/mese.

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When is a 27.5 inch mountain bike the right choice?

Are you at home on technical trails, do you love tight berms and big jumps? Then a 27.5 inch mountain bike from Canyon is the right bike for you. With light, high-end MTBs, you’re flexible and agile on any terrain. Smaller riders in particular benefit from the smaller wheel size. Simply climb on and off you go in search of adrenaline.

What is a 27.5” MTB?

A 27.5 inch mountain bike has smaller wheel diameters and shorter spokes than a larger 29 inch MTB. The construction of the 27.5 inch bike is lighter and stiffer as a result. We manufacture frames and attachments for Canyon 27.5 inch mountain bikes from premium materials such as carbon and aluminium. The power transmissions is direct and effective as soon as you pedal meaning fast acceleration and high speeds. In addition, our 27.5 inch mountain bikes offer strong grip in the corners, balanced riding and great jumping ability.

Good to know: the outer diameter of the rim or the inner diameter of the tyre is 584 mm for 27.5 inch wheels. Sometimes, the French size specification 650B can also be used.

Who are 27.5 inch wheels suitable for?

27.5 inch mountain bikes are suitable for both men and women. 27.5 inch mountain bikes are ideal for smaller people in particular. Canyon MTBs with an XS and S frame are specced with 27.5” wheels. Frames in sizes M to XL, on the other hand, come with 29 inch wheels. Larger wheels give better traction and rollover compared to 27.5 inch wheels, but if you’re looking for something more playful then 27.5” is the way to go. Our guide to MTB wheel sizes can help you figure out whether you would be better suited 29”, 27.5” or a mullet setup.

Tip: thanks to our Perfect Positioning System, you can easily find out the perfect frame size with just two measurements. Simply follow the instructions on the page for your dream bike.

Which kind of riding is the best for mountain bikes with 27.5 inch wheels?

27.5 inch mountain bikes allow you to put down a clean uphill and downhill performance. Progressive geometry and a short wheelbase increase your manoeuvrability and agility on winding trails and challenging terrain. We have optimised the kinematics and rigidity of the 27.5” MTBs for exhilarating high speeds when riding downhill. Strong suspension forks with plenty of travel can handle the hardest impacts. In addition, the wheels have solid rims and wide tyres with maximum grip, which let you tear up the ascents and descents. We’ve strengthened the bike frames around key areas to give addition stability where it’s needed.

When you’re at the bike park or on technical climbs, a 27.5 inch mountain bike has near perfect steering and climbing ability. Long reach, slack steering and steep seat angles improve traction, propulsion and smooth riding. Smaller riders are also less likely to come into contact with the rear wheel when descending steep, technical tracks as they move their weight towards the rear of the bike. Sweet tricks, next level whips and downhill races are much easier on a 27.5 inch mountain bike. Powerful disc brakes will also bring you to a standstill when you need it most. With four pistons and ergonomic levers, there’s a lot of power the tips of your fingers.

What are the advantages of a 27.5 inch mountain bike?

In general, 27.5 inch mountain bikes are lighter, stiffer and have better grip than larger mountain bikes. You can also benefit from the following advantages with 27.5 inch wheels.

Decisive geometry for technically demanding riding and unlimited riding pleasure

  • Seat and handlebar height can be flexibly adjusted, sometimes even bottom bracket height
  • Adjustable travel and chassis such as air shocks and platform dampers
  • Crisp, precise gears with a clutch mech

Internal cable routing to protect against dirt, moisture and corrosion

  • Cable pulls are routed in plastic channels (cable housing) in the main frame
  • Cables routed externally on the rear triangle are easy to clean and maintain

Double-sealed industrial bearings for extra durability

  • Extremely resistant and durable, so that dirt and moisture don’t get into the bottom bracket
  • Easily interchangeable thread inserts

Perfect handling thanks to a balanced frame ratio

  • Harmonised tube shapes with reduced wall thickness
  • Various frame shapes and sizes for women and men

27.5 inch mountain bikes for every riding style

We offer a variety of designs with sophisticated equipment, so that you are guaranteed to find a Canyon 27.5 inch mountain bike for your favourite kind of riding. Simple select your favourite and hit the trails:

Enduro bikes with 27.5 inch wheels

Excellent handling on the uphills, downhills and freeride sectors. Discover our 27.5 inch Enduro MTBs.

  • Full-suspension mountain bikes with up to 180 mm of travel
  • Super robust universal derailleur hanger that can be unscrewed and replaced quickly
  • Various frame protectors to prevent stone chips and damage

27.5 inch trail bikes

Versatile and powerful all-rounder mountain bikes for a multitude of off-road riding. Discover our 27.5 inch trail bikes.

  • Hardtail or full-suspensions models available with the option of triple-phase suspension
  • Tough, wide rim profiles for any terrain
  • Additional tyre clearance prevents the accumulation of mud

27.5 inch E-MTBs

Battery power and a powerful motor produce support on trails and off-road. Discover the 27.5 inch electric mountain bikes.

  • Hardtail and full-suspension MTB models available
  • Robust, balanced chassis for increased agility

Cross-country mountain bikes with 27.5 inch wheels

Fast and light XC race bikes designed for off-road speed. Discover our cross-country mountain bikes.

  • Progressive hardtail models
  • Precise, lightning-fast derailleur with 12 gears
  • Optional dropper seatposts can be lowered at the push of a button

27.5 inch downhill mountain bikes

Perfect for demanding descents, technically fast trails or jumps. Discount our 27.5 inch downhill bikes.

  • Flip chip for quick adjustment of seat and steering angles as well as bottom bracket height (low-high position)
  • Suspension travel optimised by Triple Phase Suspension
  • Outstanding support of the chassis thanks to kinematics

Order your dream bike from the comfort of your own home. Buy bikes from Canyon online directly from the manufacturer with a 30 day returns policy and a 6 year guarantee. Your bike will arrive 95% assembled.

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