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Fra ultralette hardtails til fulldempede stislukere - vår WMN serie av terrengsykler har alle innovasjonene fra våre unisesexmodeller og er optimalisert med tanke på kvinnelige ryttere. Med unike spesifikasjoner spesialtunede dempere dertil. Made for More.

Full Suspension Hardtails

Hva er WMN?


Enhanced Control

When it came to riding dynamics, we wanted the Spectral and Grand Canyon WMN AL SLX to excel where it matters most: on the trail. Our in-depth knowledge of female and male anatomical differences pointed to three key areas where we could enhance control for female riders. Adapting reach by making the frames slightly shorter creates a less outstretched, more balanced position on the bike. Low top tubes reduce standover height for extra room to manoeuvre on the trail. Finally, lower bottom bracket heights for smaller frame sizes mean every rider experiences a more planted feel on the trail from a lower center of gravity.


Taking the shorter average height of female riders into account, we shifted our focus when developing the women’s-specific Spectral WMN and Grand Canyon WMN AL SLX to achieve consistent handling and fit across a broad size spectrum. Thanks to the addition of a new 2XS frame, female riders between 148 cm and 179 cm now have four distinct size options to choose from. With each size we made certain to hit all the right notes when it comes to crucial factors, like low standover height, to achieve an in-the-bike feel.


Tuned Suspension

Rider weight has a huge bearing on suspension performance. Because female riders are typically lighter than their male riding counterparts, we tuned the suspension on the Grand Canyon WMN AL SLX and Spectral WMN so every rider benefits from trail-hugging levels of grip. The new Spectral WMN even comes with shorter shocks than those equipped on the men’s models for a different leverage curve that is even more responsive in the first phase, while still using the full potential of the 140 mm rear travel to float across the trail.


MTB Family
Spectral WMN CF 9.0

Spectral WMN CF 9.0 NEW

41.899 NOK

Exceed WMN CF SLX 9.0

Exceed WMN CF SLX 9.0

34.699 NOK

36.999 NOK


Exceed WMN CF SLX 9.0

Exceed WMN CF SLX 9.0 NEW

33.499 NOK

Spectral WMN CF 8.0

Spectral WMN CF 8.0 NEW

30.199 NOK

Spectral WMN CF 7.0

Spectral WMN CF 7.0 NEW

23.399 NOK

Exceed WMN CF SL 8.0

Exceed WMN CF SL 8.0 NEW

21.799 NOK

Neuron WMN AL 8.0

Neuron WMN AL 8.0

19.399 NOK

20.899 NOK


Spectral WMN AL 5.0

Spectral WMN AL 5.0 NEW

17.599 NOK

Exceed WMN CF SL 7.0

Exceed WMN CF SL 7.0 NEW

16.699 NOK

Neuron WMN AL 7.0

Neuron WMN AL 7.0 NEW

16.699 NOK

Spectral WMN AL 4.0

Spectral WMN AL 4.0 NEW

15.899 NOK

Neuron WMN AL 6.0

Neuron WMN AL 6.0 NEW

13.399 NOK

Exceed WMN CF SL 6.0

Exceed WMN CF SL 6.0 NEW

12.599 NOK

WMN on the Trail