Congratulations on your new Strive! In a few simple steps, this article explains how set up your bike before the first ride, and how to use the Shapeshifter system to change the Strive’s riding characteristics with the click of a button.

1. Before your ride: Setting up your Strive

Before your first ride, you need to set the air pressure in the Shapeshifter gas spring and your shocks – for a good initial setup, pump them up to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure by following the steps in this guide. Afterwards, you can fine-tune the pressure to dial in your ideal setup.


Recommended rear shock air pressure

Before pumping the rear shock, switch the bike to Shred (DH) mode using the instructions in part 2.

Rider weight1 Fox RockShox
Up to 50 kg 120 psi 105 psi
50 - 60kg 120 - 145 psi 105 - 125 psi
60 - 70 kg 145 - 170 psi 125 - 145 psi
70 - 80 kg 170 - 195 psi 145 - 165 psi
80 - 90 kg 195 - 220 psi 165 - 185 psi
90 - 100 kg 220 - 245 psi 185 - 205 psi
From 100 kg 245+ psi 205+ psi
Maximum allowed pressure 350 psi 325 psi
  • 1
    Complete rider weight with clothing and accessories but without bike.
For best performance, pump the Shapeshifter to the maximum air pressure of 200 psi

Before pumping the Shapeshifter, switch to Pedal (XC) mode using the instructions in part 2.

Pump the front shock to the pressure indicated on the fork

You can find the required pressure on the fork itself.

2. During your ride: Using the Shapeshifter

This chapter will explain to you how to switch between Shred and Pedal modes.

  • Clack - Shred Mode

    To switch from Pedal (XC) mode to Shred (downhill) mode, just flick the switch on the handlebar. The next time you compress the rear shock, the Shapeshifter’s gas spring will automatically compress, changing the bike’s geometry and the kinematics of the rear triangle.

  • Click - Pedal Mode

    When you have to climb back up the trail, just go back to Pedal (XC) mode. It’s as easy as flicking the switch again and shifting your weight forward. The gas spring on the suspension linkage then activates and extends, changing the rear shock linkage setup.

  • Check Modes

    You can check which mode you are currently in using the colour indicator on the Shapeshifter’s cover.

    Green = Pedal/XC Mode (for riding uphill + setting the Shapeshifter pressure)

    Black = Shred/DH Mode (for riding downhill + setting the rear shock pressure)

3. After your ride: Storing your Strive

After you’re done showing your pals who’s boss on the trail, don’t forget to switch your Strive back to Pedal/XC mode, clean down the suspension, and re-lube the chain before storing. See you out on the trail next time!

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