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O nosso Service Center está disponível a partir das 09h00. Pode contactar-nos através do +351 922 127 885 ou através de e-mail.

Who do I call in the case of complaints or repairs?

Our service staff will be pleased to help you. Please discuss all procedures, complaints or repair concerns with the staff at our service hotline. Our hotline is available from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5p.m. on 922 127 885. The workshop service point is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.. You can also send our workshop staff an e-mail at Please note that we can only reimburse invoices from other workshops after prior consultation with us.

What is the shipping cost of a bike?

Shipping costs within Germany are 19,60 Euros. Shipping to Portugal costs 38,72.
There is an additional charge for the Bikeguard box. This is always added so that your premium-quality bike is optimally protected during shipping. A detailed list of shipping and packing charges is available at our Website

Is shipping possible outside of Europe?

Due to the dimensions of our "BikeGuard" (125 x 84 x 30 cm) this is considered bulky goods. We require your full address, as well as the address of the nearest international airport to you. As soon as we have received all the relevant details from you, we can then send you a quotation for the shipping costs.
Please get in touch with our Service Hotline on 922 127 885 if you require any further information.

Do I still have a warranty if I repaint my Canyon frameset?

The warranty is invalidated by resprays, as we are unable to influence the type of respray and preliminary work.

How long do I have to wait for a repair to my Bike?

Usually complaints and repairs are in-house for 7-9 working-days. During the riding season or if a defective part must be returned to the manufacturer it can take longer.

What does it cost to ship accessories?

Within Germany the shipping of accessories costs 5.90 Euro. Shipping to Austria costs 12,80 Euro. The charge for shipping accessories to Switzerland is 12,44 Euro (net). The current charge for shipping accessories to Portugal is 9,98 Euro. A detailed price list for most EU states is available at our Website
If you order accessories at the same time as a complete bike, we of course charge only for the shipping of the bike.

What guarantees do you offer?

In addition to the legal requirements we voluntarily offer a 6 year warranty on this year's frames and forks for racing and triathlon bikes as well as on mountainbike frames (with the exception of bearing assemblies and suspension forks). Our warranty is valid from the date of purchase and is non-transferable. Paintwork defects are not covered by the warranty. We reserve the right to repair defective frames or forks or to replace them with an equivalent later model. This is the restriction of any warranty claim. Further costs such as assembly, transport etc. are not covered by the warranty.
Damage caused by incorrect use, neglect, insufficient care and maintenance, crash, excessive load, modifications to frame or fork or the fitting or modification of additional products are all excluded from the warranty. Damage caused by jumps or other excessive loads is also not covered by the guarantee.
All other components are covered by the standard 2 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Is my bike insured if I have to ship it back to Canyon?

If you send your bike to us with a return note, the goods are fully insured. On receipt of your bike you will receive confirmation from us via e-mail.
Please note:
Return notes can only be used within Germany. In the case of returns from abroad please get in touch with our Service Hotline.

Is there a maximum weight limit for carbon fibre frames?

Our Canyon racing bike frames are verified and approved up to a maximum weight of 120kg.
However, this limit can vary depending on the choice of components and their individual weight limits.

Can I install a child seat to my Canyon hardtail?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Canyon Mountain bikes are designed as race machines with short chain stays and the sporty frame geometry doesn't leave enough space for a child seat. It also is not possible to fit a conventional child seat due to the cable routing of the front derailleur. For these reasons we are unable to approve our bikes for use with a child seat.
Saddle bags also can't be fixed to our MTBs due to the rear triangles which are designed to achieve optimum stiffness. Saddle bags which can be fixed to the seat post may be used on our MTBs. However, a maximum weight of 12 kg should not be exceeded. In the case of carbon fibre seat posts saddle bags should not be fitted due to the thin-walled material.

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