Frames are delivered ready assembled (with the exception of the handlebar and wheels) with all components in the Bikeguard together with a box containing small parts e.g. quick release levers etc. Position the handlebar in the centre of the bar clamp. Then turn the cover bolts of the stem until the handlebar is slightly tight. After fitting the wheels and closing the quick release, the final adjustment of the handlebar position can be made. A handbook is included with the delivery of every bike. On pages 6-8 there is a detailed and illustrated description.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Canyon Mountain bikes are designed as race machines with short chain stays and the sporty frame geometry doesn't leave enough space for a child seat. It also is not possible to fit a conventional child seat due to the cable routing of the front derailleur. For these reasons we are unable to approve our bikes for use with a child seat. Saddle bags also can't be fixed to our MTBs due to the rear triangles which are designed to achieve optimum stiffness. Saddle bags which can be fixed to the seat post may be used on our MTBs. However, a maximum weight of 12 kg should not be exceeded. In the case of carbon fibre seat posts saddle bags should not be fitted due to the thin-walled material.

For choosing the size of your mountain bike we need your inseam length, your height and your body weight.

You can request the estimated delivery time of every model on our homepage. On the right hand side directly under the image of the particular model you will see a link to "delivery time". Via this link you can open a template in which you can enter frame size, colour and type of crank. After entering this information you will receive the estimated delivery time for your chosen bike.

A mola de gás está coberta por uma garantia legal de 2 anos, que abrange todos os custos de reparação. Adicionalmente, oferecemos uma garantia voluntária de 1 ano, que cobre os custos de material durante as reparaçöes. As peças de desgaste não estão cobertas pela garantia.

Our opening times are Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are looking forward to your visit.

We offer foreign customers the possibility of paying by credit card. Unfortunately, for security reasons, it is not possible to enter your credit card details directly onto our homepage during the order process. Please therefore call us or send us a secure e-mail with your credit card details after you have received your order confirmation from us. A further means of payment would be payment in advance. We regret that COD payment is not available to customers from abroad.

We recommend that you apply the brakes 30 times at a speed of around 30km/h. After that you can apply the brakes once until they become really hot, thus discharging solvents left over from the production process. This is best done on a clearly laid out descent at a reasonably slow speed and by allowing one brake to bind constantly on each descent. We strongly recommend that you bed-in your new brakes on traffic-free roads. The bedding-in of brakes allows the brake disc and pads to adjust to each other, thus achieving a high level of braking efficiency.

The component manufacturer Mavic advises that the front spokes of the Mavic R-Sys can break in rare cases. Therefore Mavic is recalling all R-Sys front wheels from 2008 and 2009. You should therefore stop using these wheels immediately. Mavic has now been able to clarify the formalities of the recall in cooperation with Canyon: Canyon will contact the customers concerned. They will receive an Aksium wheel set free of charge. A return note is also included in this package. The customer then just has to use the same box the replacement wheels were sent in to return the defective front wheel to Canyon (the rear wheel is not affected by this recall). The replacement wheels are being produced from the end of March until the middle of April and sent directly to the customers. Following the replacement the Mavic Aksium wheels then remain the property of the customer. Further information is available at Mavic homepage. Please also note the change in our range. The Ultimate CF SLR model versions in Ultimate CF series Record, Super Record, Red und Dura Ace are no longer available. Alternatively, we can now offer the model versions SL+. The model Ultimate CF 9.0 SLR W was also affected by the recall. As a replacement we now offer the Ultimate CF 9.0 W SL+ . We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A bicicleta e respetivos componentes estão cobertos por um periodo de garantia de dois anos, excluindo as peças de desgaste. As peças de desgaste incluem rolamentos, autocolantes, cabos, bichas, massa lubrificante, óleo, massa e óleo de travões, corrente, roldanas, pratos, pastilhas de travão, pneus, punhos e fita do guiador, entre outros. Após os dois anos de garantia legal, oferecemos uma garantia voluntária por um periodo adicional de quatro anos (resultando numa garantia total de seis anos) para quadros e forquetas de estrada, triatlo, urbanas e fitness, e para quadros de montanha (com exclusão de rolamentos e suspensão). Os danos na pintura e anodizado não se encontram incluídos neste periodo adicional. Reservamos o direito de reparar quadros e forquetas com defeito, ou substituí-los pelo correspondente modelo sucessor. A garantia tem início na data de compra e é válida para o primeiro proprietário da bicicleta. A garantia voluntária apenas cobre os items mencionados acima, não estando incluidos outros custos como a montagem, transporte, etc. Os danos causados pelo uso incorreto ou não intencional, tais como negligência (falta de cuidado ou manutenção), quedas, stress excessivo de materiais ou modificações no quadro ou suspensão que incluam a instalação de componentes adicionais, não se encontram cobertos por garantia. A garantia não cobre danos provocados por saltos ou uso abusivo de qualquer outra natureza.

Our Canyon racing bike frames are verified and approved up to a maximum weight of 120kg. However, this limit can vary depending on the choice of components and their individual weight limits.

For choosing the size of your road bike we need your inseam length, torso length, arm length and height.

Please write a short e-mail to and briefly describe where and how the error occurred. Of course, we are happy to receive any other helpful suggestions on our website sent to the above mentioned address.

Adjust the negative spring travel (sag) to your riding style. This means how much the damper compresses (sags) with the weight of a rider on it. In the case of cross country and marathon riders about 10-20%, with Free riders approx. 15-30% and with Downhillers approx. 25-40% of the travel length. Before sitting on the bike slide the rubber O-ring to the top of the shock as this will help you see how much the shock compresses (sags). Turn the Damping Adjust halfway to the closed position.

You will receive your invoice as a pdf document by e-mail. If we do not have your e-mail address, we will send you your invoice by post. If you collect your bike here in Koblenz, you will receive your invoice from us upon collection.

A freewheel guarantees on all bikes with a derailleur or internal gear hub that the cranks don't rotate when freewheeling or riding downhill. In addition, the freewheel ensures that the transmission of power is created in the direction of travel. If no pedalling force is applied, then the rear wheel runs free. Two special toothed washers with face gears and a negative angle are responsible for the transmission of power in the freewheels of the 240 and FR hubs. This type of gearing system causes the very loud noises, for which the DT Swiss hubs are renowned in comparison to freewheel bodies with three or four pawls.

Magura is recalling a number of Durin Race forks MD 80R and MD 100R. Durin Marathon and Durin SL versions are not affected by this recall. You can check online if your model is affected by the recall at here Should your fork be one of those which is affected, then please stop riding the bike immediately, otherwise serious accidents can occur. During the recall the lower legs will be exchanged. Following the modification the fork is roadworthy again. You can send the fork directly to Magura at: Fa. Magura - Stichwort: Rückruf Durin Stuttgarter Str. 48 72574 Bad Urach Germany Alternatively, please send the complete bike or disassembled fork to us here at Canyon. Following consultation with us you will then receive a return note free of charge If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. The Canyon Team

Our service staff will be pleased to help you. Please discuss all procedures, complaints or repair concerns with the staff at our service hotline. Our hotline is available from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5p.m. on 922 127 885. The workshop service point is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.. You can also send our workshop staff an e-mail at Please note that we can only reimburse invoices from other workshops after prior consultation with us.

Here is what you need to determine your body size: Spirit level, ruler, dowel and a helper. IMPORTANT! Make these measurements without shoes and in bike shorts. If possible, take a helper when making measurements. This makes it easier to obtain exact measurements.

We offer background images for download under the menu item Service/Downloads.

The cost of the first inspection is 69,90€ for a racing bike, 79,90€ for an MTB hardtail and 89,90 for an MTB fully. Upon shipment of your new bike you’ll receive a coupon for our 50 point inspection for the special price of 49,90€. You can redeem this offer within the first 6 months starting from the date of purchase. If you wish to ship your bicycle back to us with the Bikeguard box, we make a charge of 29,90€ (for the shipping to Canyon and again back to you) in addition to the cost of the service. All you then have to do is take your Bikeguard to the nearest branch of the Portuguese Post Office (CTT). Please contact our Service Hotline on 922 127 885 to arrange a shipping date.

For deliveries to countries outside the European Union, no German VAT is payable.

All Canyon bikes are shipped as illustrated and described. In the autumn of every year it is decided which models and equipment will be offered in the following season. Then we make bulk orders for components directly from the manufacturers. The advantages in price are then passed on by us to our customers. This is why it is not possible to make any modifications. The exception is, of course, changes which are made to the gear ratios on the cassette, handlebar width and stem length. We undertake these changes for you for a small charge.

Quality control has top priority at Canyon. In the event that an error creeps into the production process, Canyon is both open and honest with its customers and attempts to rectify the problem as quickly as possible. This is how it happened with the Smolik forks “Motivation Race SL” in 2005 and 2006. The wall thickness of the delivered forks was too thin. Canyon reacted to the problem swiftly: A worldwide recall was started and all customers were able to send in their bikes free of charge and then received a new and safer fork. Customers who still have a Smolik “Motivation Race SL” on their bikes should stop riding their bikes immediately and contact our Service Center staff on 922 127 885. If it emerges that the bike is fitted with one of the defective forks, then Canyon will still make the exchange free of charge.

Usually complaints and repairs are in-house for 7-9 working-days. During the riding season or if a defective part must be returned to the manufacturer it can take longer.

Please note: The inseam is not the length of a step but the distance from the ground up into the crotch! How to measure your inseam: Things you need: A spirit level, ruler and a helper You require: A spirit level, tape measure and a helper. Make the measurement without shoes and wearing shorts. 1) Stand up straight against a wall, stretching yours legs as far apart as the breadth of your shoulders. If you have a spirit level, then you don't need a wall. 2) Take a spirit level and wedge it between your legs. 3) Using both hands, pull up the spirit level firmly into your crotch. Try to reproduce the pressure of sitting on a saddle while holding the spirit level horizontally. 4) Measure the distance from the upper edge of the spirit level to the ground. 5) Record this distance. This is your inseam.

It may be that you don't have the current version of Flash-Player. This can be found on the Adobe website. (

If you wish to hand in your bike personally for an inspection, then please make an appointment with us in advance before you do so. As a general rule, it is possible to collect a bike on the same day as the service if an appointment was made in advance. However, please note that this is only possible if there are no defective parts which must be returned to the manufacturer. Otherwise you can send your bike directly to us without making an appointment. You can find out how long the handling time will be from our service staff at our Service Hotline or on site here at Canyon. Please note that longer handling times can result when goods are returned to the manufacturer.

Our account number is: Sparkasse Koblenz Sort code no. 57050120 Acc. No. 58000720 IBAN DE 88 57050120 0058000720 BIC: MALADE51KOB Please always state your customer and order number when making payment, so that the payment can be immediately allocated to your order.

We have done this deliberately so that you can clearly see that the new Acros I-Lock headset, which was especially developed for Canyon, no longer requires a conventional A-clamp in the fork steerer. Headset caps are available in our accessories domain.

The warranty is invalidated by resprays, as we are unable to influence the type of respray and preliminary work.

What you need to measure your torso length: You need: A spirit level, ruler and a helper 1) Wedge the spirit level between your legs as you did when you measured your inseam, keeping your torso straight. 2) Then measure the distance from the upper edge of the spirit level to the base of the neck (at the breastbone) ensuring that the spirit level is kept in a horizontal position during the whole measurement. 3) Record this distance. This is your torso length.

You request a return note by phone or by e-mail. With this return note you then send your bike in to us. The bike should be packed as carefully as possible so that no damage occurs during transport. We recommend using the Bikeguard again for this purpose. The package must then be brought to the local post office. Upon receipt of your bike you will receive a confirmation of receipt from us. As soon as the inspection has been completed, you will immediately receive your bike cash on delivery. When paying by advance invoice, we send your bike immediately on receipt of payment. In the event that defects or damages requiring repair are discovered during an inspection, and these repairs would incur charges, our service staff will get in touch with you.

This is possible only if the local dealer offers this service. With complaints about components like e.g. Magura or Manitou you can take the original Canyon sales receipt to your local dealer and make your warranty claim there. Alternatively, you can send the defective components directly to the relevant Servicecenter: Rock Shox, Sram, Avid = Ciclocoimbrões, Rua Visconde das Devesas, 106/120, 4400-336 Vila Nova de Gaia Tel: +351 22 379 44 61 FOX= Bicimax - Artigos Desportivos Lda, Estrada de Leiria, 231 D, 2430-091 Marinha Grande, Tel.: +351 244 575 195

What do I need to measure my shoulder width: You need: A Ruler and a helper 1) Locate the bump on top of the shoulder (noticeable during arm movement). 2) With arms outstretched horizontally, measure the outermost shoulder bone on the left to the outermost shoulder bone on the right. 3) Measure this distance.

Since the reasons for noises at the wheel can be misleading, we ask you to send your complete bike to us. Contact our Service Hotline on 922 127 885 before sending your bike as we might be able to offer some tips over the phone that can help fix the problem.

The manufacturers expressly answer this question with no. Out of service periods do not have any influence on an extension of the warranty period. The warranty period starts from the date on which you receive the bike. The Canyon warranty service computation is included for repair. These service intervals are computed in the guarantee period. Out of service periods due to warranty work or servicing conducted in our workshop are added to the length of the warranty period. This is the only case which results in a prolongation of the warranty period.

How to measure your arm length: Things you need: Tape measure, a dowel and a helper Let your right arm hang down loosely and reach over with your left hand to grasp your shoulder blade over the shoulder bone (same point you used for the shoulder width). 1) Find this point with the left hand. 2) Make a fist and grab the dowel with your right hand thereby simulating the grip on the handlebar. 3) Hold your right arm out laterally. 4) Rotate your fist until the dowel points upwards. 5) Measure from the outermost shoulder bone (marked by your left hand) to the centre of the dowel. 6) Record this distance. This is your arm length.

We’ll be more than happy to perform our 50 point inspection on your bike. We can give you more information by telephone or Mail. In principle, maintenance work can be undertaken by any bike shop. Maintenance of the fork and rear shock elements should be left to the respective manufacturer. Please pay attention to the instructions of the manufacturer, as the warranty can only be maintained if the required maintenance intervals are observed!

What you need: Carpenters level, ruler and a helper. IMPORTANT! Make these measurements without shoes. 1) Stand up straight against a wall. 2) Place the spirit level on your head ensuring that you keep it horizontal. 3) Measure the distance from the lower edge of the spirit level to the floor. 4) Record this distance. This is your height.

In case of a defect in a component like this, we only need the component sent to us. If you can disassemble and reassemble the bike yourself, you only need to send us the defective part.

The manufacturers give a 2 year warranty on dampers and suspension forks if a service is carried out within the first 12 months. If this is not the case, a repair can be carried out at a charge during a service.