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Downhill domination, back country blasts, bike park balling and jump spot supremacy – our gravity range is for riders who get down and get dirty.

Rip new lines for best times on the Torque DHX, or turn up the style and stomp big tricks on the Stitched, we’ve got what you need. Who wants to conform to gravity anyway?



Torque DHX – When things get big and doubts begin to arise, that’s when the Torque DHX comes into its own. Designed for downhill domination and bike park action, huge travel reserves (195 210 mm) turn every descent into a test to see just how far you’re willing to push it. With an extended front centre providing outstanding stability at speed, even when things do get sketchy, staying on the right line is not a problem. Who wants to conform to gravity anyway?

From Dusk Till Dirt

This isn’t a team made up of stars of the future, they’re the stars of right now. With Anton “Cleanlander” Thelander from Sweden, Belgium’s Thomas “La Frite” Genon and German Peter “Party” Henke, together the Canyon Factory Freeride Team has taken the gravity scene by storm. Competing around the world, when these guys go big the judges often reach for the high scores.
After taking inspiration from their travels, the guys wanted to do something completely different for a new film shoot they did back in June.

Hooking up with cameraman Lukas Tielke from Peoplegrapher and course building experts, Mellowpark, the team set about transforming Pete’s home spot. Surrounded by still water and tranquil forest, it’s the last place you’d expect to stumble across huge kickers, berms, tables and transfers with multiple line combos on offer. In this natural setting, the guys really let loose and showcase their massive talent. The style isn’t restricted to the tricks though, this film is shot in typical Tielke fashion to make you stoked to just get out and ride, as all good edits should.

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360° / 180°

The Stitched takes the style dial and turns it up to the max. With a 2050 g frame and tube shapes designed to withstand the biggest impacts, the Stitched will keep on giving when laying down new tricks. An extra stiff BB.Box and tapered headtube result in pinpoint steering accuracy, while flattened steering angles provide the ideal balance between agility and stability when sessioning the local jumps, scoping out a new street spot or chilling at the pumptack. No hesitation. Just send it!