Spectral young hero

Our smaller Spectral is a full suspension trail bike for people with youth on their side.

Canyon Spectral Young Hero

Junior MTB, mature performance

It may be smaller, but the Spectral Young Hero is as packed with features as the adult bikes, ensuring maximum fun from day 1.
Canyon Spectral Young Hero

A specially specced Spectral

The Young Hero Spectral comes equipped with a 140mm fork up front and 140mm shock.

To keep things nice and agile we’ve specced 27.5” wheels.
Canyon Spectral Young Hero

Suspension that won’t leave you hanging

We’ve tuned the suspension leverage for lighter riders to create the same ‘great on all trails’ feel the Spectral is famous for.
Canyon Spectral Young Hero

Serious playtime

We developed the Spectral Young Hero for kids between 148 and 158cm (4’10” and 5’2”).

If you know a kid who’s dedicated to mountain biking and needs a proper do-it-all bike, this is the one.

Canyon Spectral Young Hero

Look great, feel great, be great

Our paintwork, inspired by Fabio Wibmer’s bikes, means your young hero looks the business even when it’s not moving.
Canyon Spectral Young Hero
Spectral Young Hero
Good things come in small packages, and the Spectral Young Hero is a great bike for great junior riders.
Canyon Gear for Kids

Kids gear collection

Get your little one kitted up in style with clothing, protection and accessories.
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