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Jul 22, 2022 Canyon.com

Best Cycling Routes in Mallorca

In this guide to the best cycling routes in Mallorca, we’ll show you everything that the largest Balearic island offers. It’s an ideal destination for cyclists of all stripes, from casual holidaymakers to seasoned professionals.

Best Cycling Routes in Mallorca Best Cycling Routes in Mallorca

In this guide to the best cycling routes in Mallorca, we’ll show you everything that the largest Balearic island offers. It’s an ideal destination for cyclists of all stripes, from casual holidaymakers to seasoned professionals. The terrain is varied, the roads are always well-surfaced for a smooth ride, and the dependable Spanish weather is excellent all year round. Pick up a bike and head out on one of Mallorca’s many wonderful cycling routes, and you can explore miles of sun-dappled coastline, rolling hillsides, and jaw-dropping views.

Where Should I Stay in Mallorca?

Great cycling locations in Mallorca are plentiful, and which destination you choose will depend on your cycling level and what kind of experience you want to have while there. Some spots are suited to expert riders who want to test their skills and push their bodies to the limit, and other locations combine great cycling trails with fun tourist activities for a more laid-back vacation.

Puerto Pollensa/Puerto d’Alcudia

The most dedicated cyclists will want to head to Puerto Pollensa or Puerto d’Alcudia, located at the island’s northernmost tip on the same bay. They offer some of the best cycling routes in Mallorca in terms of challenge and excitement, and professionals flock there every year to train for international competitions.

The imposing Tramuntana mountain range dominates this region. It became a UNESCO-listed world heritage site back in 2011 due to its impressive network of waterworks and agricultural terraces and its diverse geology and wildlife. Staying at one of the two ports near the mountains slightly limits how much of the island you can take in on your trip, but it also gives you the option of flat coastal cycling or thrilling hill climbs. Pollensa is usually the most popular destination for biking pros, and many training camps are located there. Alcudia is a bit more touristy, but it’s also very picturesque and charming, with city walls and other stone architecture that dates back to the 13th century.


If you want something more urban and lively, you could try Soller or the Mallorcan capital of Palma. Both these places are packed with fun bars and great restaurants, and you can expect to find plenty of bike-friendly hotels that are welcoming to cyclists. Soller is surrounded by steep, hilly climbs that are enjoyable for the more seasoned rider. In contrast, Palma is flatter and more easy-going, so it would be ideally suited to beginners or casual cyclists.

Best Cycling Routes in Mallorca Best Cycling Routes in Mallorca

Cycling locations in Mallorca

Once you’ve picked out a place to stay on the island, it’s time to head out and test your mettle on some of Mallorca’s best cycling routes. Here are a few of Canyon’s favourites:

Cap de Formentor

The Cap de Formentor ride is perhaps the most famous (and one of the trickiest) cycle trails on the island. Starting from the port at Pollensa, you’ll immediately begin climbing up to the El Mirador de Sa Creueta viewpoint, 223 metres above sea level. With some hairpin turns and steep gradients of up to 7%, this is a challenging ascent, but the breathtaking views over the bay make it worth the effort. Next, you’ll race back down the hill towards Formentor beach before heading back up through pine forests and rugged, rocky terrain.

The road then plunges you into darkness, through a 300-metre tunnel, and you eventually emerge on one final climb, winding through more hairpins towards the Cap de Formentor lighthouse. Built in 1863, this bright white building serves as a great end-point to keep you going through the route, and once you get there, you’ll be treated to some truly incredible vistas.


Another exciting two-wheeled journey is the epic cycle route from Puerto Alcudia to Andratx, at the island’s western edge. Tracing roads up and down the craggy cliffside, it offers some spectacular sights. You’ll also take in densely-forested areas and fields and the charm of some quaint coastal villages dotting the landscape on the other side of the valley. These small settlements are great places to stop off and refuel, which will be necessary at some point on this extensive 81-mile route.

Cycle Hire Mallorca

To make the most of the best cycle routes in Mallorca, you’ll need to find the right bike for your specific needs. Luckily, cycle hire in the region is easy and accessible wherever you stay. And there are many great hire spots where you can pick out some of Canyon’s best bikes for maximum enjoyment, performance, and comfort.

Rad International

In the island’s southwest, Rad International bike hire is a convenient starting spot for fast road cycling and demanding mountain biking routes. It offers over a hundred different Canyon bikes, with models from most of our ranges, including Endurace, Aeroad, and Neuron. And once you’ve picked out the ideal bike for your size, level of expertise, and riding style, you don’t even have to travel far to start testing it out – there’s an MTB trail right next to the Rad International location.

Canyon Base Mallorca

In the grounds of Robinson Cala Serena, on the south-eastern tip of Mallorca, you’ll find Canyon Base Mallorca. This is one of the main spots for pro cycle hire in Mallorca and has been staffed by a former track racing world champion. Get expert advice here, and pick up the bike you need to help realise your full cycling potential. There are also plenty of Canyon models suited to beginners, novices, or anyone who wants to head out and explore the idyllic trails of this Spanish cycling Mecca.

With so many hire options available to you, there’s no excuse not to head out to Mallorca and enjoy a memorable holiday while taking your cycling skills to the next level. And if you happen to fall in love with your hired Canyon bike, why not pick one up to keep? You can check out our road bike buyer’s guide to find the ideal model for you.

Best Cycling Routes in Mallorca Best Cycling Routes in Mallorca

Cycling in Mallorca: What You Need to Know

  • This large Balearic island is one of the top spots in Spain for pros and casual riders alike.
  • Try Puerto Pollensa/Puerto d’Alcudia if you’re looking for the best routes.
  • Check out Palma or Soller for a mix of cycling action and tourism.
  • Cap de Formentor is the island’s most unmissable route.
  • Canyon has several bike hire spots in convenient locations around Mallorca.

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