A gravel bike isn’t a one-bike-fits-all kind of bike. No bike is, really. But given the mixed terrain and the often hike-a-bike nature of gravel riding, you really need to understand the options out there.

With a gravel bike cited as a blend between a road bike and a mountain bike with a cyclocross bike garnish, you can really fine tune your setup to suit your favourite kind of riding.

Some gravel bikes are built with speed in mind, while others are designed for the long-haul. While gravel racing bikes have similar geometry to road bikes, you’ll find a more relaxed rig on a bikepacking bike.

Where and how you ride is personal to you. Your gravel bike should be personal to you, too. That’s where we come in.

This comprehensive guide will talk you through all your gravel bike options. From the overall bike itself to the nitty gritty of gravel pedals and gravel-specific tyres. Hit the jump links below to home in on a specific section.

How to protect your Grizl and fit bikepacking bags
  • Gravel bikes
    Gravel bikes

    Choosing a gravel bike

    The first step to gravel freedom is actually getting a bike. Different riders have different needs when it comes to gravel bikes. While some people enjoy smooth, wide-open dusty roads, others want to experience the rough and ready lifestyle of whatever Mother Nature throws at them. There’s no right answer and each bike comes with a list of pros and cons.

  • Gravel tyres
    Gravel tyres

    Which gravel tyres should I choose?

    The varied terrain of gravel riding presents quite a tyre choice conundrum for riders everywhere. Dry, fine gravel requires a different tyre to wet and muddy trails. And then there are tubeless setups to consider as well. How do you choose from so many tyre brands, widths and profiles?

  • Gravel groupsets
    Gravel groupsets

    Where to start with gravel groupsets?

    In order for a gravel bike to move through the terrain, you need a drivetrain. Whether you’re a diehard SRAM rider, a lifelong Shimano fan or someone with a penchant for Campagnolo, there’s a groupset out there for you.

  • Gravel pedals
    Gravel pedals

    How to choose pedals?

    The blend between mountain bikes and road bikes really plays a part in pedal selection. The kind of bikes you’ve ridden in the past may also influence your choice, too. With an overwhelming range of pedals out there, our guide gives you the power to make the right decision.

  • Gravel bike accessories
    Gravel bike accessories

    Accessorise with our pick of accessories

    Before you head out the door, you might want to add a few bells and whistles to your bike. You might need a GPS unit or maybe you’re thinking of strapping a bag to your handlebars for snacks and spares. There’s so much more to gravel riding!

  • Gravel bike clothing
    Gravel bike clothing

    Ready to wear adventure gear

    Enjoy riding even more with our gravel and adventure clothing made for the wilds of the outdoors. Designed with weather and terrain in mind, our gravel clothing is nothing short of hardwearing and comfortable.

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