Feb 2, 2021 Canyon.com

Under the hood of the Shimano EP8 Motor

Feb 2, 2021 Canyon.com

You asked, we listened! The Shimano EP8 is now on board all our new E-MTBs and with it a whole host of benefits. We take a closer look at the latest Shimano motor and what it means for E-MTB riders.

Under the hood of the Shimano EP8 Motor Shimano EP8: now on board our range of E-MTBs

Shimano EP8 vs Shimano Steps E8000

- 15Nm increased torque
- 200g lighter with greater ground clearance
- Smoother pedalling
- Improved trail mode offering full power and greater efficiency
- Improved cooling to give you more power in hot weather
- Quieter motor
- New app
- Support when walking with and pushing the bike
- Greater battery capacity

The predecessor to the Shimano EP8 motor was the well-loved and well-ridden Shimano Steps E8000 motor that has accompanied a lot of riders both on their local trails and those further afield. This year, we’re proud to work in partnership with Shimano to bring their latest electric bike motor technology to all our E-MTBs. The synergy between motor and mountain bike bring with it an unrivalled riding experience across all kinds of terrain both smooth and technical.

Shimano EP8 Shimano EP8

More torque, less talk

Shimano has blessed E-MTB riders with the gift of power with the launch of the EP8 motor. With an increase of 21% on its precursor, you’ll be spending less time at the trailhead and more time carving out the best lines on the sweet singletrack that awaits.

Shimano EP8 is smaller and lightweight

It’s not just the motor housing that is smaller but also the inner workings of the EP8 motor. Thanks to lightweight magnesium components, Shimano has shaved off a cool 200g of weight making it one of the lightest electric bike motors on the market today. In addition, the unit itself offers 5 mm more clearance and is approved for 160 mm cranks.

Less pedalling resistance

Shimano claims to have reduced pedalling resistance by 36% on the EP8 compared to the E8000 and it’s noticeable when riding over the 25 km/h limit. As always, less resistance means more fuel for efficient riding, so expect to get more bang for buck out of your battery as a result.

EP8 allows full torque in trail mode

The E8000 motor was already quite powerful, but sometimes required you to switch in and out of boost mode to summit the steepest climbs with ease. With the launch of the more powerful EP8 motor, Shimano has successfully unlocked the full 85Nm in trail mode, giving you one less excuse to take a breather when you see a truly daunting climb ahead.

Shimano EP8 Enjoy the benefits of the Shimano EP8 motor

The EP8 can handle the heat

Shimano has added “fins” to the housing of the motor to aid heat dispersion for when the mercury rises. Not only will this help on long climbs but also in hot weather when your bike’s perched outside while you enjoy some lunch mid-ride.

Perhaps the quietest electric bike motor on the market

No motor is going to be completely silent but the Shimano EP8 gives that statement a run for its money. A peaceful ride in the mountains listening to Mother Nature can now go uninterrupted as you sweep along the wide open spaces during your next ride.

Shimano’s customisable tuning and navigation app

No two riders are the same, so Shimano has enhanced the EP8 app to allow you to customise the way you ride. Once you’ve personalised your profiles, save them and access them via the bike’s computer display while you ride. Easy!

Shimano EP8’s improved walk assist mode

Previously, you’d have to jump off the bike and shift down a few gears to enable the walk assist mode, however with the development of the Shimano EP8, the mode works with the simple push of a button no matter which gear you’re in. When the going gets tough, the tough can keep going with this valuable feature whether that’s up a steep climb or navigating unfamiliar terrain.

Big batteries for big days out

Alongside the launch of the new EP8 motor, Shimano has increased the battery capacity to a mega 630 Wh. Across our range of E-MTBs, you’ll find both 504 Wh and 630 Wh internal battery options with some models in our Torque:ON range including a dual battery option for long-lasting adventures that extend into and beyond golden hour.

Shimano EP8 Make the most of mountain biking with the Shimano EP8 motor

How does the EP8 ride compared to the E8000?

The first thing you notice is the boost in power—particularly on climbs. The new EP8 adds more torque, which makes punching up steep bits of trail that much easier. More impressive yet, it does that while boasting even smoother pedaling. It’s lighter, incredibly quiet, and gives you a bit more juice in the tank for longer days out mountain biking.

The Shimano EP8 motor ticks all the boxes when I imagine the perfect E-MTB system. You can take advantage of the well-balanced support and natural feel, and also rely on its power when you need it to get the most out of your trails.

Sebastian Opalla - Junior Product Manager E-Performance

Should I buy an e-bike with E8000?

There’s no doubt about it, the E8000 is still a great motor for E-MTBs. The good news for those in the market for a new e-bike is that you’ll find them at an even more affordable price in our E-MTB Outlet. These electric mountain bikes come with the same great 6 year warranty afforded to other bikes in our range and we can guarantee a good time no matter which motor you’re riding.

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