Canyon Downhill Bikes
Canyon Downhill Bikes
Canyon Downhill Bikes
Canyon Downhill Bikes

Downhill Bikes

Smash the most demanding descents with these downhill bikes – from racing on fast, technical tracks to sending it down huge bike park jump lines.
Canyon Sender CFR

Sender CFR

Brand new, lighter carbon frame. Faster, more responsive; a bike born from competition.
Carbon / Race build

Sender CFR

A premium chassis, re-engineered to be 600 g lighter, with exceptional performance and durability.

Suspension tune and 60% less pedal kick back.

S - M 27.5 rear 29” front
L - XL 29” front and rear
200 mm front suspension

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Canyon Sender Aluminium

Sender AL

Same as it ever was. A bomb proof free ride staple loved by the wildest pros.
Aluminium / free ride

Sender AL

Adjustable geometry, perfectly balanced suspension and bottomless big-hit performance loved by the wildest free riders on the circuit.

Responsive aluminium frame.

Snappy acceleration from 27.5 wheels.

200 mm front suspension

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Canyon Torque


Downhill. Bike park. Enduro. Trail. The Torque is a do-it-all gravity bike.
Downhill / bike park


The Torque will handle the nastiest terrain you can point it down...and have you smiling the entire time.

Think of it as a DH bike that requires no chairlift.

Front travel 180 mm

Wheel size 27.5”

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Canyon CFR

Introducing CFR

The Next Level of engineering, design, and intense athletic collaboration.
Canyon Downhill Gear

MTB Gear

Heavy duty helmets, pads and pedals. Get ready to shred.

Bike service direct from the experts

An annual inspection will prolong the lifespan of your bike and keep all major parts working perfectly.

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