Spectral CF Mullet

For riders who want it all, there’s mullet. Business at the front with a fast rolling 29er, party in the back with a flickable 27.5. You can chuck it, huck it and push your luck with it.

Canyon Spectral CF Mullet

Styled for smiles

We’ve set this bike apart from the rest by fully optimising the front and rear triangles for different wheel sizes.

This ain’t no mutant, it’s hyper-evolved.
Canyon Spectral CF Mullet

Float like a butterfly, not buzz like a bee

A smaller rear wheel means you can get your weight right back on super steep stuff without catching your own rear end on the tyre.

In fact, the only thing buzzing will be your level of stoke.
Canyon Spectral CF Mullet

Spring into action

The Spectral CF Ltd Mullet is the only bike in the range with a coil shock, keeping things super-plush with ultimate traction for the rear wheel.
Canyon Spectral CF Mullet

Business in the front

The 29” wheel at the front keeps giving you grip when you need it. Roll over the rough stuff and just keep going faster, faster and faster.

Canyon Spectral CF Mullet

Flickably fast

The smaller rear wheel of the mullet means ultimate flickability. Change direction super quickly with just a twist of the hips.
Canyon Spectral CF Mullet
Spectral CF LTD Mullet
Our special edition Mullet is rocking the 29er at the front and 27.5 clearance out back. The only thing that’ll be buzzing is yourself.
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