Canyon Neuron:ON
Canyon Neuron:ON
Canyon Neuron:ON
Canyon Neuron:ON
Canyon Neuron:ON


Adventure is easier than you think with compact and full power motor options from Bosch.
Canyon Neuron:ON
Tailwind Technology
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Bridge the gap between push bikes and full power e-bikes with the Neuron:ONfly’s compact Bosch motor.

Canyon Neuron:ON

Get gone. And keep going

Feed your need for exploration. Get to where you want to go in your backyard with the Neuron:ONfly or go even further with the Neuron:ON’s high power and compact motor choices.
With battery sizes for every rider, all-day adventures have never been so close to home.

Choose your Neuron:ON

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Canyon Neuron:ON
Canyon Neuron:ON
Neuron:ON CF
Neuron:ONfly CF

Two ways to ride:ON

The Neuron:ONfly's 600 W of peak power and 400 Wh battery delivers a light assist e-bike that amplifies your effort to make it over the next horizon.
The Neuron:ON has 600 W of peak power and up to a 750 Wh battery for instant torque to charge up fire road climbs and across mountain traverses.
  • Canyon Neuron:ON

    Canyon Neuron:ON

    Built to ride

    The Neuron:ON bikes have been engineered to make adventures as low maintenance and reliable as possible. Designed with subtle yet effective protection elements that keep the frame looking sharp and debris out of the bearings, this bike performs more consistently in harsh weather and requires less time in the bike stand than other bikes.

    Pick your power

    Bosch Performance Line SX

    This compact yet powerful assist motor is available on the Neuron:ONfly and comes with a 400 Wh battery capable of 55 Nm of torque and 600 watts of power. Explore your backyard even further with the PowerMore 250 range extender that means even more trail riding.

    Bosch Performance Line CX

    Available on the Neuron:ON CF, this hard hitting motor outputs 85 Nm of torque and 600 watts of power. The 625 and 750 Wh batteries let you choose the best battery for your riding so you can experience day-long power on your next all-day ride.

    Shimano EP6

    The natural feeling Shimano EP6 motor comes on the Neuron:ON AL, giving high torque power in an accessible package. With 85 Nm of torque, 250 watts of power and 630 Wh batteries on the M-XL bikes and 504 Wh on sizes XS and S.
    Canyon Neuron:ON CF

    Connect with your ride

    Keeping you and your bike safe with GPS tracking, navigation and system updates in one handy app.

    Get the app
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      • Color: Stealth
      • Color: Cool Glacier
      • Color: Washed Denim
      Shimano EP600, FOX 34 Rhythm Grip
      From 80.999 CZK
      99.299 CZK
      You save 18.300 CZK
      or from 13.499,83 CZK/Mo.
    MTB collection

    MTB collection

    Clothing that looks as good as it performs. Ready to shred.
    Flexible ways to pay for your Neuron:ON
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    Flexible ways to pay for your Neuron:ON

    Unboxing, battery installation and set up guide
    E-MTB service

    Unboxing, battery installation and set up guide

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