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Our extensive range of cycling socks caters for every ridestyle and weather. From aerodynamic road race socks and to thick merino socks for the winter, we have options for every rider.

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What do cycling socks do?

Those new to cycling may question the need for cycling-specific socks. Why can’t you just wear normal socks for riding? Cycling socks are designed specifically for- you guessed it- cycling. They perform a variety of important roles that regular socks do not. Primarily they are close fitting, moisture-wicking and comfortable. They hold in place as you ride and their compressive nature means they aid both performance and recovery. Because your feet are in a fixed position when cycling, they don’t require the padding found on running socks. The materials are densely woven, which means they better conform to the shape of the foot, adding extra comfort. In warmer weather a thin pair of summer bike socks will offer breathability, and in colder weather thicker socks can provide insulation.

What are the best cycling socks?

As with many cycling products, the best cycling socks for you are those that fit you best and suit your riding. Look for cycling socks that are compressive and breathable with reinforced toe and heel areas for durability. Ensure they have an elasticated and compressive cuff so they remain in place during riding.

How to choose cycling socks?

If you’re planning a road cycling trip to the mountains in the summer, a pair of thin, breathable summer socks are your best bet. For winter riding, a pair of insulating merino socks are a good choice. If you’re into off-road riding, a durable pair of MTB socks should be on your list. Time trialling and high-speed riding on the agenda? Look for aero cycling socks.

How high should cycling socks be?

This is your choice! The length of your cycling socks has no bearing on performance. However, many road riders, for instance, prefer their socks at a mid-length around 3-4cm above the ankle. The choice you make comes down to aesthetics and comfort.

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