The all-new Neuron Family

The Neuron is the ultimate all-round performer. At home having fun on your local trails or taking on a high-alpine epic, the 130mm full suspension frame offer the ideal setup for any riding scenario. The lightweight construction combined with an efficient rear triangle configuration make easy work of long and steep climbs while simultaneously ensuring ultimate control and handling precision for added confidence down sketchy descents. After the ideal ride for your next adventure? Look no further.

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With its clean lines and sleek finish, the Neuron CF marks a huge step forward in terms of design. Optically, the Neuron now fits in perfectly with the other bikes in our full-suspension range.


The Neuron’s balanced geometry delivers sporty handling, without sacrificing on comfort. On the smaller frames, we were able to further reduce the stand-over height by lowering the top tube and bottom bracket.


The Neuron CF and AL, with their 130 mm of suspension travel, are both equally adept at climbing and descending. The Neuron is the ultimate all-rounder for all riders and in all situations – from your after-work loop, to all-day tours and mountain adventures.





Mtb Family
Neuron CF 9.0 Unlimited

Neuron CF 9.0 Unlimited NEW


Neuron CF 9.0 LTD

Neuron CF 9.0 LTD NEW


Neuron CF 9.0 SL

Neuron CF 9.0 SL NEW


Neuron CF 9.0

Neuron CF 9.0 NEW


Neuron WMN CF 9.0

Neuron WMN CF 9.0 NEW


Neuron WMN CF 8.0

Neuron WMN CF 8.0 NEW


Neuron CF 8.0

Neuron CF 8.0 NEW


Neuron AL 7.0

Neuron AL 7.0 NEW


Neuron WMN AL 7.0

Neuron WMN AL 7.0 NEW


Neuron AL 6.0

Neuron AL 6.0 NEW


Neuron WMN AL 6.0

Neuron WMN AL 6.0 NEW


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