Spectral:ON CF 8

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Want to ride more trails and crush more climbs in less time? Then the Spectral:ON CF 8 with either a 900Wh or 720Wh battery (720Wh only with size small frames) might just be...
  • Front Fork Travel: 150 mm
  • Weight: 23.04 kg
  • Spectral:ON CF 8
    Color: Stealth
  • Color: Green Vastness
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Spectral:ON CF 8

Strong batteries for hours of trail fun

More range, more elevation, more trails – now it’s all possible, thanks to the new high-capacity Canyon-developed 900 or 720Wh batteries. And charging is remarkably fast too, thanks to a powerful 4A charger. You can charge the battery when it’s fitted to the bike, or remove it for charging.
Spectral:ON CF 8

A motor built for anything

Light, powerful, versatile: Shimano’s EP8 motor offers excellent all-round performance which is perfect for E-MTB riding. With its smooth support, the ride feel is simply incredible and thanks to the longer range, you ride further on a single charge. Furthermore, you can also tune the motor to your riding style using an app. Ventilation openings on the underside of the motor cover use air currents to cool the system as you ride.
Spectral:ON CF 8

Control your ride

Developed in-house by our designers and engineers, this bar and stem combo was specially designed for our E-MTB range. The bombproof construction is not just durable, it also makes it easy to internally route the battery display’s cable through the handlebar to the integrated battery in the downtube – protecting it from any damage and creating an exceptionally clean look. A minimalistic control unit lets you quickly switch between support modes. Thanks to the tidy setup, you have a clear overview of everything that’s going on so you can focus on what really counts: enjoying the ride.

Spectral:ON CF 8 details

Bike classification

This category also covers the requirements of categories 1e-3e. In addition, bicycles of this category are suitable for very rough and partly blocked terrain with steep slopes and higher speeds as a result thereof. Regular, moderate jumps by experienced riders are no problem for these bicycles. The regular and durable use of the bicycles on North Shore trails and in bike parks should, however, be excluded. Due to the higher stresses, these bicycles should be checked for possible damage after every ride. Full suspension bikes with medium suspension travel are typical for this category. The E-Bike specific information is mentioned on the CE marking on your bike.
Bikes in this category provide motorised support up to 25 kph. You can ride above 25 kph, just without support.

We’re in Control

Our business model gives us the advantage of knowing exactly where our products come from, how they are made and what they are capable of. Canyon products are exclusively available at Canyon.com, so you can trust the quality you are getting.


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