Roadlite:ON 7

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An elegant, fast fitness bike with an extra kick: put your endurance to the test and power through your workouts with our flagship Roadlite:ON bike. This bike truly stands out from the rest thanks to its clean design, modern component set, and compliment of high-end carbon parts.
  • Range: 120 km
  • Weight: 16,2 kg
  • Roadlite:ON 7
    Color: Light Grey
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Roadlite:ON 7

Big power for big adventures

Fazua RIDE 50 EVATION Black Pepper Performance. The latest Fazua RIDE 50 EVATION drive system has three power settings, giving you an extra 100, 210 or 250 watts of smooth support. The drive system is seamlessly incorporated into the bike's overall design and has no effect on handling or performance when exceeding the 25 km/h support limit.
Roadlite:ON 7

One-touch Motor Switch

To switch between e-support modes, just push the downtube button. 3 modes are available: Breeze (gentle & constant), River (progressive & dynamic), and Rocket (powerful burst).
Roadlite:ON 7

Ride In Comfort

Riding your bike should be an enjoyable, relaxing experience. So we engineered this bike’s saddle for maximum comfort and durability. For years of carefree urban riding.
Roadlite:ON 7

An Easy-to-charge Battery

The Roadlite:ON’s battery is perfectly integrated into the downtube. It's also incredibly easy to charge. Just pop it out, and plug in the charger included with your bike. Charge time: 3-4 hours.

Roadlite:ON 7 details

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Bike classification

Bikes of this category are designed for riding on hard-surface roads where the wheels remain in permanent contact to the ground. These are in general road racing bicycles with racing handlebars or straight handlebars, triathlon or time trial bicycles. The permissible maximum overall weight comprising rider, luggage and bicycle is mentioned on the CE marking on your bike. Proven cyclocross and gravel bikes with racing handlebars and cantilever or disc brakes are a special case in this category. In addition, these bikes are also suitable for gravel paths and off-road trails where a short loss of tyre contact with the ground due to small stairs or steps at a height of 15 to 20 cm can occur. The E-Bike specific information is mentioned on the CE marking on your bike.
Bikes in this category provide motorised support up to 25 kph. You can ride above 25 kph, just without support.

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