Jun 18, 2021 Canyon.com

Awesome Gravel Events in Europe 2021

Jun 18, 2021 Canyon.com

Want to ride your new gravel bike this summer? Enter these gravel events in 2021 to discover some epic new trails.

Awesome Gravel Events in Europe 2021 Check out these awesome gravel events in Europe this year.

As the European summer gets started and events look to be going ahead after a hiatus in 2020, we wanted to share some of our recommendations. Canyon is supporting a bunch of gravel events in 2021, so we hope to see you there!

If you end up riding any of these events or indeed other gravel events on your Canyon gravel bike, make sure you tag us on Instagram, so we can share the fun!

Awesome Gravel Events in Europe 2021 Gravel racing has something for everyone, so don’t miss out.

Yuzzu Gravel Series - Belgium

Skill level: Beginner // Intermediate // Expert

  • Gordelgravel: Saturday 10th July - Sunday 11th July // Location TBC
  • Grit Gravel Fest: Saturday 31st July - Sunday 1st August // Baal
  • National Park Gravel: dates to be confirmed // Maasmechelen

Yuzzu Gravel Series occurs across three weekends in Belgium starting in July. You’ll ride some of Belgium’s premier gravel roads and unpaved paths in a welcoming and relaxed environment. Don’t have a gravel bike? Bring your cyclocross bike or mountain bike and enjoy the ride anyway! Yuzzu Gravel is all about having fun and experiencing adventure, so grab your bike and sign up!

The organisers of Yuzzu will ensure a COVID safe event. Riders can choose their time slot and within that wave is a limited number of riders. More details can be found on the Yuzzu Gravel Series website.

Dirty Jutland - Denmark

Location: Blåvandshuk, Klitmøller og Slettestrand

Dates: Friday 22nd April 2022 - Saturday 23rd April 2022

Skill level: Intermediate // Expert

  • One-Thirty: 130 km
  • Grinder: 210 km
  • XL: 420 km

The west coast of Jutland in Denmark is home to amazing gravel roads so much so that the organisers decided to host an event here for all riders to get a taste of Denmark’s incredible gravel scene. Across three distances, you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

Awesome Gravel Events in Europe 2021 Ride your bike in places you thought you never would.

Catalunya Trail - Spain

Location: Girona, Spain

Dates: Friday 16th July - Saturday 20th April

Skill level: Beginner // Intermediate // Expert

  • Challenge: 230 km // 4568 m // 96-120 hrs
  • Epic: 400 km // 8872 m // 96-120 hrs
  • Titan: 655 km // 12000 m // 96-120 hrs

This is the fourth edition of the Catalunya Trail around Girona’s gravel roads. Already a favourite destination for cyclists all over Europe and beyond, this event showcases the best kept secrets of the cycling capital of Spain.

The Titan route is a circular loop starting and finishing in Girona whereas the Epic and Challenge events begin in Girona and end in Manresa. Despite its start and end points in bustling Spanish cities, the routes include a plethora of awe-inspiring landscapes.

You’ll have a geolocator which means you’ll see the location of other participants and your family and friends will have peace of mind that you’re safe and well.

Badlands - Spain

Location: Granada, Spain

Dates: Sunday 5th September 2021

Skill level: Intermediate // Expert

  • 725 km

Badlands is easily one of the best off-road bikepacking events in Europe. With a route of 725 km and more than 15,000m of elevation, you'll travel across some of the most remote locations in Spain that include the Desierto de Gorafe, Desierto de tabernas, Cabo de gata and el Paso de Velta. Around 85% of the time you’ll be sampling Spain’s spectacular unpaved roads sometimes without anyone else around.

The Pirinexus Challenge - Spain

Location: Girona, Spain

Dates: Saturday 25th September 2021

Skill level: Intermediate // Expert

  • 340 km

You’ll have just 18 hours to complete the 340 km route which takes you from Girona, through the Pyrenees mountains and back to Girona via the Costa Brava. You had better sign up quickly because time is ticking. Canyon will be there with all sorts going on throughout the event, so swing by and say hello.

Awesome Gravel Events in Europe 2021 Push your body to the limits.

Gravelduro - Finland

Location: Fiskars Village, Finland

Dates: Saturday 7th August - Sunday 8th August 2021

Skill level: Beginner // Intermediate // Expert

  • 50 km
  • 85 km
  • 110 km

This one-day gravel stage race in the idyllic village of Fiskars. The route is a varied mix of gravel road, easy trails and even a bit of tarmac. The Stage Race competition allows for a truly varied route for the race and the route passes through historic village scenery, riverbanks and large fields, not forgetting remote forest roads and bog pools.

We’ve got our ticket to Gravelduro so make sure you get yours - we can’t wait to see you there!

Nordic Gravel Series

Location: Multiple locations in Finland, Sweden and Norway

Dates: Saturday 12th June - Saturday 25th September 2021

Skill level: Beginner // Intermediate // Expert

  • 40 km - 180 km

The Nordic Gravel Series promotes and supports graveI events in different regions throughout Finland and the other Nordic countries. For the 2021 edition they have collaborated with 8 event organisers providing you the finest gravel and forest roads from Southern Norway over to Sweden and above the Arctic Circle. Choose an event near you and enjoy the beautiful routes in unique locations.

There really is something for everyone and the organisers offer sign ups to multiple events. Why race once when you can race more?

Gravel of Legends - France

Location: Angers, France

Dates: Friday 25th June 2021

Skill level: Intermediate // Expert

  • 278 km

This ultra-distance gravel event requires you to ride from Arromanches-les-Bains to the location of the festival in Angers. You’ll cover 278 km with approximately 1780 m of elevation across the beautiful Normandy countryside.

Canyon France will be on hand to help you, give advice and be good sports throughout the event. Stop by and say hello!

French Divide - France

Location: Bray Dunes, France

Dates: Saturday 7th August 2021

Skill level: Intermediate // Expert

  • 2200 km

You have just 15 days to complete more than 2200km from one corner of France to the other. This race is the ultra bikepacking event of the year in France and for good reason. The course starts from the north of France and goes across the whole country until you reach the Basque Country. Expect gravel roads, singletrack, tarmac and everything in between on what might just be the best ride through France you’ve ever done.

Nova Eroica - Italy

Location: Buonconvento, Tuscany

Dates: Saturday 7th August 2021

Skill level: Intermediate // Expert

  • 65 km
  • 85 km
  • 130 km

NOVA Eroica is an All Road cycling event in pure Eroica style. Open to all those who are looking for a unique and epic experience in the saddle of their modern racing, gravel or cyclo-cross bikes. 3 routes are offered: the LONG one: 130km and 2332 m of elevation, from the Crete Senesi to the Chianti area; the SHORT one: 85km 1,565 m of elevation, immersed in the beautiful landscapes of the Crete Senesi; and the LEISURE route, 65km and 1030 m of elevation gain.

Awesome Gravel Events in Europe 2021 Enjoy the outdoors and meet new people with the same passion.

Graveller - Netherlands

Location: Veluwe National Park

Dates: Saturday 28th August 2021 - Sunday 29th August 2021

Skill level: Beginner // Intermediate // Expert

  • Various

Not a race but the full gravel experience. Two days of riding, camping and drinking beer by the fire. In the beautiful Veluwe National Park, it’s the perfect scenery for a real adventure. Endless gravel roads, loads of forest trails and a nice open camping spot for your tent or camper van.

Komoot is providing you with all the tools to find your way around the stunning landscape that awaits. You’ll be given two routes to follow and there are feed stations available mid-ride.

Grinduro - Switzerland

Location: Machynlleth, Wales and Aegeri Valley, Switzerland

Dates: Saturday 24th July 2021 and Saturday 2nd October 2021

Skill level: Intermediate // Expert

  • Various

Grinduro has been a staple on the gravel racing calendar for a few years now. It’s enduro style format attracts all levels of riders because of its accessibility and party vibe. That said, there is a fierce competition within it for those who want to put the hammer down and the event’s locations are the perfect stadium for it.

Test your fitness, technical ability and your bike all in one ride and kick back with everyone else when the day is done. It’s a win for all!

Don’t forget, Canyon will be on hand for support, tips and advice and so much more. Keep your eyes peeled!

King’s Cup - UK

Location: Bury St Edmunds, UK

Dates: Friday 17th September 2021 - Sunday 19th September 2021

Skill level: Intermediate // Expert

  • Laps of an 18 km or 28 km circuit

Behold a real festival of gravel racing and riding with the King’s Cup. The inaugural event this September promises something for everyone with multiple race categories for you and your friends to get involved in: time-trial, team relay, men’s race, women’s race and gravel fondo.

It’s a whole weekend of fun in the dirt and we’ll be there to offer support and finish line cheers!

Raiders Gravel - UK

Location: Galloway, Scotland

Dates: Friday 7th October 2021 - Sunday 10th October 2021

Skill level: Beginner // Intermediate

  • 80 km

Another new event for your diary, Raiders Gravel was created to show some of Scotland’s finest gravel tracks and fire roads. The 80 km route is packed with natural wonders, stunning landscapes and the raw beauty we’ve come to expect of Scotland. There are three stages to this event across the whole weekend and numerous racing categories to ensure everyone has a chance of winning.

Once again, Canyon will be there for moral support, goodies and all kinds of gravel-related fun.


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