Apr 12, 2022 Canyon.com
Apr 12, 2022 Canyon.com

A great bike, made greater – Canyon launches the new Pathlite:ON SUV

Canyon provides top-class touring bikes designed for joyful riding experiences for people all over the globe.

A great bike, made greater – Canyon launches the new Pathlite:ON SUV Pathlite:ON SUV

Canyon provides top-class touring bikes designed for joyful riding experiences for people all over the globe. Weekend getaways, rolling across spacious landscapes or weaving euphorically through pine trees. Closing the day elated, rosy cheeked and bushy tailed. No matter how, no matter where: exploration is freedom in its truest form, and it is what riders live for.

Canyon made their striking debut in the world of e-touring bikes in March 2020 with the Pathlite:ON family. Those multi-functional bikes bundled up fitness, function, and adventure in one with their do-it-all versatility. Now, in response to the SUV e-touring bike demand, Canyon are re-entering the market with the Pathlite:ON SUV.

The Pathlite:ON SUV is the e-touring evolution of the Pathlite:ON. Fully equipped with ingenious integrated features and outstanding performance, it ticks all the boxes – and some. The huge 750 Wh battery means remarkable range and incredible power on every terrain. Whether it’s pedalling along the polders, loading the rear rack with supplies for a family adventure or a weekend-long gravel escape with friends, the Pathlite:ON SUV is a companion that shines in every scenario.

The Pathlite:ON SUV is innovatively designed for all riders and their families. The robust, sturdy Ortlieb 3.1 QL-compatible rear rack is perfect for instant pannier mounting and removal and holds 25 kg on the rear. Two different frame models give streamlined, sporty geometry (step-over) or easy mount and dismount (step-through), even with a Croozer trailer full of camping gear and a basket full of baguettes. The Bosch Gen 4 system and 750 Wh battery supply substantial power with every pedal stroke; we’re talking 340% assistance with 85 Nm of torque for plenty of juice on tap all day long. Additionally, the innovative Tour+ mode intuitively switches the motor between eco and tour modes depending on the terrain to save on energy, so the rider needs only to focus on the most fundamental thing: the ride. And lastly, about that ride – the Suntour EVO AIR 100 mm fork smooths out bumps and impacts on any terrain. Like riding a magic carpet.

There are two models available in the Pathlite:ON SUV range, both offering the choice of step-through (ST) frame for even further adaptability. The flagship Pathlite:ON 8 SUV ST is well equipped with premium parts and smart tech for comfort, performance, and control – even when weighed down with supplies. Its Enviolo hub and Gates CDX Carbon Drive belt is clean, quiet and low maintenance: riders enjoy effortless shifting without needing to replace rusty chains. The integrated Bosch Kiox 300 display is specially designed for sporty riders, too. By syncing via Bluetooth, riders have full reign on their riding data through the touch of a button. Finally, that extra-large 750 Wh battery capacity gives extra-long range – approximately 125 km – so you can spontaneously extend the microadventure without worrying about needing to recharge the battery.

The Canyon Pathlite:ON SUV is engineered to adapt to your style. All you need to do is ride.

About Canyon Bicycles

What started life in founder Roman Arnold’s garage as Radsport Arnold has evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of road, mountain, triathlon, hybrid and kids’ bikes as well as modern e-bikes. Officially renamed in 2002, Canyon works hand-in-hand with the best athletes on the planet to produce an array of award-winning bikes that embody a pure passion for riding. With a strong reputation for true innovation, implementing leading technologies, clean and clear design as well as the highest standards in quality and service, Canyon continues to expand worldwide, selling more bikes outside of its native Germany than within since 2008. As a pioneering direct sales brand, Canyon products are exclusively available online at www.canyon.com.

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