I bought a product from Canyon and want to export it to a non-EU country. How do I get the VAT refunded?

Please note:

  • We can only refund VAT if you adhere to the steps described here.
  • VAT reimbursement is a voluntary service provided by Canyon. No legal claim exists to this service.
  • VAT reimbursement is only possible on orders shipped to Germany, Belgium, Denmark or the Netherlands and afterwards exported out of these countries. For the Netherlands, you have to follow a special procedure – please contact our partner in the Netherlands in advance.
  • It’s not possible to get a refund for VAT paid on shipping costs.
  • Canyon does not provide pre-filled customs clearance forms.

1. General information on VAT refunds for goods exported in personal baggage

If your country of residence is a non-EU country, and you export the goods you purchased from us back to your country of residence, you can claim VAT reimbursement. Your country of residence is the country where you are officially registered as living (as officially documented on your passport, ID document, or other documents required for border crossing). When ordering, your billing address must be located in this country, and your delivery address should differ from the billing address.
To get the VAT reimbursed, you must have proof that the goods were exported before the end of the third calendar month after you recieved them.

The goods are not officially considered as exported if:

  • The buyer has the goods exported by a shipping company, rail, postal company or other shipping agent.
  • The buyer does not transport the goods in their own baggage, but transports them in e.g. a lorry.

2. VAT refund on orders of goods delivered to an EU address (only for countries listed above)

After you have received the goods, at the customs office of the last EU country before leaving the EU border, get official stamped confirmation of: 1): the customs clearance of the exported goods specified in your receipt from Canyon and 2): that your residence address stated on your Canyon receipt is consistent with your place of residence indicated in your passport or equivalent ID document. The stamped confirmation must state the place and date of the confirmation. Send the original Canyon invoice with a customs stamp, and also your bank details (account number and account holder), to the following address:

Canyon Bicycles GmbH
Abt. Auftragsbearbeitung
Karl-Tesche-Str. 12
56073 Koblenz

Before sending the documents, please make copies for your own records. We will refund the VAT to the account you specify after the 30-day right of return has expired.

3. VAT refund on goods collected or purchased in the Canyon Showroom in Koblenz

For goods collected or purchased at our showroom in Koblenz, we offer VAT reimbursement exclusively in collaboration with our partner Global Blue. If you have ordered the goods online in advance, you must enter a non-EU address as the billing address. This must be the same as your official residence address (as stated in your passport or other ID document). When collecting your order in Koblenz, please inform our staff that in addition to your receipt, you also require a Global Blue Tax-Free cheque and a stamped Global Blue return envelope for your VAT refund.

There are multiple ways to cash the tax-free cheque:

  • At more than 600 Global Blue refund offices around the world.
  • Send the cheque and stamped original invoice to Global Blue with the stamped return envelope enclosed.

Please be aware that Global Blue charges a flat service fee for this service based on the value of the purchase.

You can find further information at https://www.globalblue.com/tax-free-shopping/how-to-shop-tax-free.

Tip for Swiss residents: if you live in Switzerland, and you want to make a purchase in the Canyon Showroom and export it to Switzerland, you must follow a special process. For further information, refer to the FAQ titled ‘Special order collection process for Swiss residents’.

Disclaimer of Liability
Canyon consistently strives to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained in this Technical Support Centre. Any repairs or adjustments which you carry out on your bike are entirely at your own risk. If you are in any doubt what to do, you should send your bike to Canyon or take it to another qualified specialist. Canyon gives no guarantee or accepts no liability for any of the information contained in this Technical Support Centre.
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