Aug 19, 2021

Lux vs Lux Trail

Aug 19, 2021

We’ve launched our new downcountry mountain bike, but how does it compare to our XC race bike?

Lux vs Lux Trail Canyon Lux or Canyon Lux Trail?

The Canyon Lux is our out-and-out cross-country racing rig and it’s damn good at it. Seen at Mountain Bike World Cups throughout the year, it’s a tried, tested and trusted full-suspension mountain bike that wins. It’s born to win and it propels riders to the top step the world over. Not everybody races though, but you can still have a fun and fast mountain bike.

The Lux Trail takes everything that’s great about the Lux like its lightweight frame and incredible pedalling efficiency. We made the Lux Trail slacker and longer travel to give you more control on technical, downhill terrain.

In adding these features, the term downcountry was born. It’s capable on the downhills with all the climbing ability and stiffness of a cross-country bike. We’ve explained everything you need to know about downcountry in our blog.

Lux vs Lux Trail The fast, light and full suspension Canyon Lux.

What is the Lux designed for?

Do you want to race cross-country? If the answer’s yes then our Lux is perfect for your goals. It’s our lightest full-suspension mountain bike (1.7 kg frame, size M) and is available in a range of specifications to suit every budding racer out there.

From Lenzerheide to Leadville, its race-winning DNA won’t let you down between the tapes. The Lux’s 100 mm of travel ensures stiffness throughout the whole race and an aggressive geometry guarantees faster handling around tight corners and flowy singletrack.

Lux vs Lux Trail The uphill, downhill, fun-all-day Canyon Lux Trail.

What is the Lux Trail all about?

If long, fast cross-country rides with a few more technical descents are more your cup of tea, our Lux Trail might just be the one bike you need. It’s still super light, efficient and capable whether you’re lining up for a race or not.

Here’s what sets the Lux Trail apart from the Lux:

  • 120 mm front travel
  • 110 mm rear travel
  • Longer wheelbase
  • Shorter stem
  • Dropper post
  • Wider tyres
  • Wider handlebars

These changes give you increased control on the technical sections and make it a more comfortable ride when the going gets tough. You can drop the seatpost, throw your weight back and see what you’re really capable of over some rocks, roots and steeper descents.

The Lux Trail opens up a whole new world of riding where you can get around in good time but enjoy every aspect of the trails underneath your wheels.

Lux vs Lux Trail Which will you choose?

Can I still race the Lux Trail?

You can definitely still pin on a number and try your skills against the best. You’ll see some of our athletes like Emily Batty riding the Lux Trail in some of her upcoming events.

The Lux is the best bike for pure, unadulterated cross-country racing similar those put on by your national governing body. It’s for your local XC league, National Championships and World Cups.

The Lux Trail is more suited to stage races that involve flowy trails and some mildly spicy descents. Think events like the BC Bike Race, Singletrack6 or Sudety MTB.

Canyon Lux Trail

Canyon Lux

The Lux brings world championship DNA to the most ambitious riders.

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Canyon Lux Trail

The Lux Trail provides extra comfort with uphill efficiency.

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