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Who hasn't experienced this before? The longer the ride, the more severe are the effects on the body. Vibrations, which filter through from the road surface to the rider’s body are responsible for muscle fatigue. The most sensitive area of contact between the rider and the bike is the saddle or rather the seat post, which has to withstand 70% of the rider’s bodyweight. In order to compensate for the effects of these vibrations, the rider’s back and leg muscles are put under extreme pressure and therefore there is a subsequent loss of power available for forward propulsion. The realisation of the new VCLS Post 2.0 is the result of a cooperation between the Canyon development team and the ergonomics experts from Ergon, who have succeeded in significantly improving the damping characteristics of the saddle as well as reducing the amount of vibration which filters through to the rider by as much 18% in comparison to conventional seat posts. The increase in comfort is not only measureable, but also noticeable. This takes pressure of the muscles and the rider feels significantly better and performs better for longer.


Patented flex mechanism – 220g light – 100% maintenance free
The system represents a revolution in seat post technology. The working principle of the VCLS Post 2.0 is based on two parallel and independent leaf springs with a floating seat post clamp. This design is an optimum combination of lightweight construction, flexibility, load-bearing capacity and torsional rigidity.

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(from left to right) Erik Zabel, Sebastian Jadczak (Product Manager) and Lutz Scheffer (Designer) examining a bike equipped with 2-D measuring technology.

(from left to right) Erik Zabel, Sebastian Jadczak (Product Manager) and Lutz Scheffer (Designer) examining a bike equipped with 2-D measuring technology.

When riding over bumps in the road the 20mm of travel and the optimum direction of deflection guarantee the best possible absorption of shocks – and all this at a weight of just 220g and 100% maintenance free. It’s the flexing of the two flexible VCLS leaf springs made of carbon composite materials that makes this possible. The durable, lightweight and low maintenance sliding bearings on the seat post clamp then ensure that the leaf springs have the freedom to flex parallel to one another. The floating seat post clamp guarantees that the level of saddle tilt remains significantly lower than on conventional suspension seat posts when the leaf springs flex.

In addition, the Flip Head allows for 12mm of saddle offset. The saddle tilt is easily adjusted by sliding the two leaf springs upwards or downwards against each other. As soon as the ideal position has been achieved a bolt at the lower end of the seat post can be tightened, holding the two leaf springs firmly in position. Less stress on the body and greater efficiency: The VCLS Post 2.0 elevates the concept of comfort on race bikes to an entirely new level. The VCLS Post 2.0 is fitted as standard to all ES (Ergospeed) models and is an optional extra available for every Canyon road bike (not available on Aeroad models).

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