Nov 3, 2020

Get your Canyon bike using o2o bike leasing

Nov 3, 2020

Our new partnership with o2o makes your next bike purchase easy and tax-free. Choose from our whole range of bikes and get up to 40% off!

Get your Canyon bike using o2o bike leasing Canyon Belgium o2o Bike leasing

Who is o2o?

o2o company bicycle lease makes cycling accessible to everybody.


Via your employer, an employee can lease the bike of their dreams in exchange for a small part of their salary every month. There is no tax charged, which makes the whole operation up to 40% cheaper compared to buying a bicycle yourself. o2o offers a digital lease platform where employers, employees, bicycle manufacturer and payroll partners get their part of the lease job done in just a few clicks.

100% digital, just like Canyon, it’s a match made in cycling.

Why have o2o and Canyon joined forces?

In the present sustainable mobility transition, the bicycle is given pride of place. Thanks to huge innovations in the bicycle market, i.e. better and smaller batteries on e-bikes, a wider choice of bicycles, and the fiscally favorable tax measures, the bicycle has not only become a leisure item, but also a full-fledged means of transportation too. As the lease partner of Canyon, o2o company bicycle lease enhances this evolution by offering companies a digital bicycle leasing platform via which they can offer their employees the coolest company bicycles quickly and easily.

How does o2o work for an employer?

On the o2o bicycle leasing platform, bicycle manufacturers such as Canyon, employers, social secretariats and employees get connected. For you as an HR Manager this means that once the thinking process is over, you can enjoy without any worry the positive effects of bicycle leasing in your company.

Step 1

Together with our o2o experts we create a bicycle policy, tailor-made and budget-neutral for your company and its employees.

Step 2

In a one-on-one meeting we organize the technical implementation, discuss the timings and give you a demo of the online o2o tools. You can choose to have all this integrated in your cafeteria plan for even less work.

Step 3

We inform your employees about bicycle leasing via a Kick-Off session: this can be arranged in your company premises, via a webinar or by means of online videos

Step 4

We provide and monitor the digital connections in an effort of maximizing the automation of your HR tasks. o2o supervises the communication plan ensuring a clear communication to the employees during the implementation and the operational phase.

Step 5

Enjoy the positive effects of having employees in your company who cycle! Via myo2o Fleet & HR you can easily manage your bicycle fleet while addenda to the employment contracts and the calculation of the impact on wages are automatically created.

Ready to start with bicycle leasing?

You will get a short ‘Start2Lease' presentation full of advice for setting up your own bicycle leasing plan.

How does o2o work for employees?

Your company has chosen for o2o bicycle leasing? Congratulations! The only effort left for you to make now is on your bike. When leasing a bike via o2o, you’ll get your dream bike by exchanging a small part of your salary every month. In this way you will:

- Enjoy 100% freedom of bicycle choice. E-bike, commuter bike or road bike … the choice is yours. You will surely find your type ;)

- Enjoy 100% free choice of services. Breakdown assistance in the Benelux, mobile repair service, your own service budget for repairs, civil liability, theft insurance, … all integrated free of tax in your lease package. Cycling without worries, a bit like an all-in holiday

- Save 40%. When leasing a bike, you don’t pay taxes on the part of your monthly gross wage you spend on your leased bicycle. After 3 years of leasing, you buy your lease bike at 16% and save up to 40% in total compared to buying a bike with your net wage.

Step 1

Check with your employer whether you can already lease a bike via o2o or not. If not, your employer can apply here:

Step 2

Ask for an offer via our Canyon contact form.

Step 3

● Upon receipt of our offer and your employer’s approval, you upload the offer in your tool myo2o Biker.

● After agreement of all parties, o2o will provide the purchase order.

● We place an order for the Canyon bicycle of your dreams!

● Your Canyon is delivered to your home

“The combination of a personal approach and a complete freedom of choice with regard to the type of bicycle, the brand and the bicycle dealer was for us the ideal solution and the main reason for getting into a collaboration with o2o.”

Emmay Braeye, Talent manager at “In The Pocket”

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