Grand Canyon AL 24

Grand Canyon AL 24

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Grand Canyon AL 24

Grand Canyon AL 24 If some of your happiest childhood memories revolve around exploring woodsy dirt trails, or even tackling some single track on the hills outside of town, then you probably can’t wait to make that sort of mountain biking available to your kids. With the Grand Canyon 24” children’s mountain bike, your kids can get off the pavement and enjoy the rougher stuff as much as you did when you were younger.

Grand Canyon AL 24 Though intended for younger, smaller riders, the Grand Canyon 24” is a pretty complete hardtail mountain bike. The front suspension from Spinner with the Grind Air 24 offers up to 65mm of travel to cushion your kids’ young hands and wrists from bigger impacts like trundling over big tree roots or learning how to roll up onto curbs. Taking inspiration from our adult Grand Canyon line, the aluminum frame guarantees a stability and durability that will outlast even the heaviest use. With one 30-tooth chainring in the front and a 9-speed 11-34 cassette in the rear, this junior mountain bike will give your kids the chance to expand their range and encourage them to make the most of their riding environment. And with the 24” wheels, they’ll really start to get the idea of what real mountain biking feels like, while having disc brakes will make it easy for smaller hands to get the grip and braking bite they’ll need to stay in control. Designed for kids between 120cm and 140cm tall, buying the Grand Canyon 24” will give your youngsters the freedom to explore and you the peace of mind knowing that the high quality mountain bike will help them remain in control and safe.

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Youth Category bikes are designed for children to ride off-road on well-maintained tracks and trails. Bikes in this category are built to withstand bumpy surfaces with changes in level that cause the wheels to lose contact with the ground. 16” and 20” wheel bikes have a maximum weight limit of 40 kg, 24” wheel bikes 80 kg, including rider and equipment. Youth Category bikes are not intended for use on the roads in their standard configuration.

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