Canyon Aero Bikes

Aero Bikes

Incredibly fast aero bikes built to win at the highest levels of competition.
Canyon Aeroad
Canyon Aeroad
Canyon Aeroad
Canyon Aeroad
Canyon Aeroad

World Tour bikes

Aero. Explosive. Lightning fast. This is the Aeroad.
Canyon Aeroad
Built to win
Pure aero speed – developed to win at the world’s fastest races.
Canyon Speedmax
Canyon Speedmax
Canyon Speedmax
Canyon Speedmax
Canyon Speedmax

Designed to win the biggest races

Locked into your tuck. Cruising at speed. Inhale. Exhale. And dominate the bike split.

Experience what it feels like to be truly at one with your bike. Experience the Canyon Speedmax.
Canyon Speedmax
More speed, more adjustability, more integrations, more podium finishes.
The Science of Speed

The Science of Speed

Wind tunnels, supercomputers and F1 engineers: our most intensive aeodynamic development ever
Canyon Speedmax CFR Track
Speedmax CFR Track
The Pursuit of speed
Developed by the world's top engineers. Tested by the fastest pros. The Speedmax CFR Track has its sights set on victory at velodromes around the world.
  • 6 items
  • Aeroad CFR Di2
    • Powermeter
    • -5%
    • Color: Alpecin-Deceuninck Replica
    • Color: CFR Stealth
    DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut, Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9250, 12-speed
    8,079 US$
    8,549 US$
    You save 470 US$
  • Speedmax CFR Track
    • Only available in S
    • New
    • Color: CFR Signature
    CANYON CFR Track Disc Front
    18,549 US$
  • Aeroad CF SL 8
    • Only available in 3XS
    • Color: Morello Red
    Shimano Ultegra R8000 SS, DT Swiss ARC 1600
    3,749 US$
  • Speedmax CFR TT
    • Coming soon
    • Powermeter
    • Color: Pro Black
    DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut, Shimano Dura-Ace R9200, 12-speed
    11,149 US$
  • Speedmax CF 7 Disc
    • Coming soon
    • Powermeter
    • Color: Flash Yellow
    Shimano 105 R7000 SS, DT Swiss P 1800 Spline db
    2,799 US$
  • Aeroad CFR Disc Frame and Brake Kit
    • Coming soon
    4,199 US$
Signature Pro Collection

Signature Pro Collection

For clothing that doesn't compromise. Delivering high performance, bold colours and standout technical features.

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Aero Road Bike: Your Bike for New Personal Best times

With an aero racing bike, you'll be heading for the finish line as fast as an arrow. From the handlebars to the frame to the wheels, the bike is completely aerodynamic. Thanks to the balanced geometry on Canyon aero bikes; top speed and comfort go hand in hand. The pros know this too: world-class cyclists like Mathieu van der Poel rely on our flagship Aeroad CFR.

What is an aero road bike?

The aero bike is a special type of road bike. The aerodynamic design of the frame and bike components makes for extremely low drag on these models. A lightweight aero racing bike can be the key to a place on the winner's podium for professional cyclists. At speeds of 9 mph and above, air is the dominant drag force. Above 30 mph, you have to put almost all your energy into overcoming air resistance. That was the reason for the invention of aero bikes: when progress through weight saving was exhausted, optimised aerodynamics could raise performance to a new level.

What makes an aero bike stand out?

When the conditions are right, you have the makings of a breakaway on an aero bike. That's why aero road bikes are popular triathlon bikes. They help road cyclists gain those crucial seconds ahead. But: Canyon's triathlon bikes aren't for everyday use – our Speedmax gets you to the podium. Its components are optimised for triathlon.

Your new best times are made possible by the following features of the aero bikes:

  • Carbon fibre frames with extremely high levels of stiffness.
  • Tube profiles have more surface area due to the angular shape.
  • Sort head tube and a stack-to-reach ratio of 1.45 maximum.
  • Top tube with the same length as the seat tube or slightly longer.
  • Riding position far above the bottom bracket for optimum power transmission.
  • High-profile wheels with special aero rims.
  • Brake and shift cables integrated into the frame.

Cycling apparel also has a big impact on aerodynamics. With a bike helmet and road bike gear/a>, you can save more watts.

What are the advantages of an aero road bike?

The most important advantage of aero road bikes: The cyclist has to exert less effort to achieve the same performance, with less drag. New personal best times are achievable with the same amount of effort. This makes aero bikes attractive to competitive athletes and amateurs alike.

Aero road bike or race bike – what's the difference?

“Why should I buy an aero road bike – am I not better off with a race bike?” If you're asking yourself this question, consider this: race bikes are reliable all-rounders for a wide variety of bike races, whether it's a stage race in the mountains or a sprint on the road. The aero road bike is suitable for climbing but provides the biggest advantage on flat roads.

Aero road bikes from Canyon

The Aeroad stands for pure speed and delivers outstanding performance.

  • Aeroad CF SL: optimised aerodynamics and high comfort at a reasonable entry price
  • Aeroad CF SLX: even lighter, more comfortable, and more aerodynamic – optimised through tests in the wind tunnel
  • Aeroad CFR: the lightest and fastest Aeroad – a highly customisable high-end solution trusted by world-class athletes

The Speedmax series of aero road bikes is especially suited for triathletes.

Buy your Canyon Aero Road Bike online

At Canyon, you buy your aero road bike online directly from the manufacturer. Our flexible payment options allow you to pay off your bike in instalments over several months.

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