Lightweight City Bikes

Lightweight City Bikes

Compared to its heavier counterparts, a lightweight city bike is much smoother and more agile for riding through the city. Pedalling feels lighter, and it’s easier to ride at a brisk pace.

  • 4 items
    • Color: blue
    Alex Rims CRD30 / Shimano TX505, Shimano DEORE XT M8100
    C$ 1,749
    or from C$ 291.50/Mo.
    • Color: Shadow Grey
    Alexrims CRD30 | Shimano MT410 SH12, Shimano DEORE XT M8100
    C$ 2,029
    C$ 2,099
    You save C$ 70
    or from C$ 338.17/Mo.
    • Color: Light Grey
    Alex Rims CRD30 / Shimano TX505, Shimano DEORE XT M8100
    C$ 1,679
    C$ 1,749
    You save C$ 70
    or from C$ 279.83/Mo.
    • Color: Ivory
    Reynolds AR41 DB, SRAM X01 Eagle AXS
    C$ 4,599
    or from C$ 766.50/Mo.

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For whom is a lightweight city bike worthwhile?

A lightweight city bike is perfect for anyone who likes to get around effectively.

The diminutive weight of the lightweight city bike makes it an agile machine, highly capable on the toughest of climbs whilst remaining comfortable for everyday riding.

An extra, often forgotten advantage of a lightweight bike is the ease of which it can be transported. Whether that’s lifting it onto a car rack or carrying it up/downstairs, you’ll be glad of that lighter weight.

When is a city bike considered light?

Whilst there is no clear definition of when a city bike is considered light, the anecdotal weight limit is around 13 kilogram. These sub 13 kilogram, lightweight bikes are usually constructed from aluminium or carbon fibre, and feature high quality components.

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