MTB Buyer's Guides

From downhill to cross-country and everything in between, our MTB buyer's guides will support you in finding the best mountain bike for you.

MTB Buyer's Guide

MTB Buyer's Guide

Get an overview of our entire mountain product line - an excellent place to start!
Hardtail MTB Buyer's Guide

Hardtail MTB Buyer's Guide

They're lighter and often more affordable but which one is best for you?
Full Suspension MTB Buyer's Guide

Full Suspension MTB Buyer's Guide

What are the advantages of a full suspension MTB? Find out in our guide.

MTB stories

Read more about tips, tricks and taking care of your MTB

  • Buying your first mountain bike

    Which mountain bike is best for beginners? Glad you asked! As our range of mountain bikes expands, we’ve found that there’s something for everyone no matter your ability, riding style or budget.

    Dec 8, 2020

  • The great debate: Hardtail vs. Full Suspension

    Everyone shopping for a new mountain bike will inevitably face the choice between selecting a full-suspension bike or a hardtail ride. But the configuration that's right for you depends on different factors, such as weight, terrain, maintenance and cost. There are many things that come into play when deciding on your ideal setup.

    Oct 30, 2020

  • Which mountain bike wheel size is right for you?

    Mountain bikes typically come with wheels in one of two sizes: 27.5” or 29er. Our easy mountain bike wheel size guide highlights the pros & cons of both so that you can figure out which size is best for you.

    Dec 1, 2020

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