Oct 13, 2020 Canyon.com
Oct 13, 2020 Canyon.com

Choose the best e-bike motor for you

Mountain, road, fitness and touring: find out why every Canyon e-bike is equipped with the ideal motor for its specific use and which one is right for you.

Choose the best e-bike motor for you

Power output, weight, battery life, design, every e-bike drive has its own unique blend of characteristics. While there are pros and cons to each system, our designers and engineers poured over every tiny detail to select the ideal drive for each e-bike in our range!

Be it the lightweight and discreet Fazua motors of the Roadlite:ON and Endurace:ON, the versatile and integrated Shimano Steps E8000 used by our E-MTB range, or the powerful and long-lasting Bosch Performance Line CX on the Pathlite:ON, all Canyon e-bikes rely on the pedal-assist motor that best fits their intended use. The question is: Which one is right for you?

Canyon E-Bikes | More Than A Motor | Episode 1

The Basics

All Canyon e-bikes use pedal-assist systems. That means the motor only engages when you push down on the pedals, not when you’re coasting on the flats or rolling downhill. All of our e-bikes also comply with the law, using drive systems that stop assisting at 25 km/h. This makes it legal for you to safely use a Canyon e-bike on any bike paths or trails.

While each one of the following drive systems share those basic attributes, they differ in important ways. Each motor offers a different amount of torque or power output. Torque is measured in newton meters (Nm) and determines how much assistance you’re getting as you pedal. 30 Nm is a little and 100 Nm is a lot! Next is battery capacity which is measured in watt hours (Wh). Our e-bike batteries vary in size from 250 Wh all the way up to 1,000 Wh. Now which drive works best for what?

e-bike drive Fazua Evation Motor // Photo: Canyon.com

Fazua Motors

Sleek and integrated, the Fazua Evation is one of the most compact e-bike drive systems on the market. Its lightweight, minimal design allows the entire motor and battery to be built into the downtube and bottom bracket of the bike. Where some e-bikes look bulky and heavy, the slim, in-frame Evation drive matches perfectly with the clean lines and striking designs of the Commuter:ON, Roadlite:ON and Endurace:ON.

What the Evation lacks in range and torque – it uses a smaller 250 Wh battery and its motor tops out at 55 Nm – it makes up for in low weight and ride quality. At just 4.6 kg for the entire unit, Fazua’s drive adds a marginal amount to the total weight and can even be completely removed so your e-bike can be ridden as a non-motorised bike. It’s easily replaced by a downtube cover that doubles as an additional storage compartment! This reduced weight is ideal for the avid commuter who may need to walk their bike up stairs or even hop on and off of public transit during those miles between home and the office.

The feel of the Evation’s pedal assist is comparable to that of a larger, heavier and more powerful motor and it just got even better thanks to the new Fazua Black Pepper Performance Update. The software update makes the entire system more efficient and uses a new algorithm that optimises the motor’s assistance to a specific rider’s pedalling style. This ensures that the Evation provides one of the most even and natural-feeling pedal assists and always offers just the right amount of power to new and experienced riders looking for some extra tailwind to go farther, faster and higher. This all makes it easier than ever for riders of different experience levels and ages to all get together for a good time riding and exploring!

e-bike drive Shimano Steps EP8 Motor // Photo: Canyon.com

Shimano Steps

Finding the right drive system for an E-MTB can be difficult. Too heavy and the bike becomes more difficult to manoeuvre, but without enough torque and battery life you’ll find your rides being cut short and your uphill performance suffering. Fortunately, the Shimano Steps EP8 finds the ideal balance and is a great fit for our E-MTB range. Its reliability, ease of use and hassle-free performance are already legendary in the scene.

Compact enough to be integrated into the downtube, Shimano’s e-bike drive system keeps the Spectral:ON, Neuron:ON, Grand Canyon:ON and Torque:ON super lightweight. This maintains top-notch handling and keeps our E-MTBs about as playful on the descents as their non-motorized counterparts while adding serious power for the uphills. The Steps EP8 drive also has one of the most intuitive pedal assist systems on the market and is acclaimed for providing the natural feel of riding a normal mountain bike.

Thanks to greater battery capacity, there's a choice of 504 Wh and 630 Wh batteries across our range of E-MTBs that seamlessly integrate into the downtube. This allows you to explore new trails confident that you'll have enough power for the return journey.

e-bike drive Bosch Performance Line CX Motor // Photo: Canyon.com

Bosch Performance Line CX

Last but not least, the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX is the ideal pairing for the new Pathlite:ON. With four support levels offering an increase between 60% and 340% of your normal pedalling power, the Bosch drive can just as easily roll up a steep climb loaded down with panniers of camping gear as it can speed you back home from the grocery store with a light assist.

If you need long range for a big weekend trip, then this is your system. With the option to use two 500 Wh battery packs for a maximum 1000 Wh, the Bosch Performance Line CX will see you smoothly over a full 150 km depending on the total weight of your setup.

Like the other e-bike drives in this round up, the Bosch Perfomance Line CX uses a good pedal-assist system that delivers power in an intuitive and natural way. In E-MTB mode it even varies its percentage of power output by how much force you’re putting on the pedals.

For information on each drive system, and the award-winning bikes that use them, check out the full Canyon e-bike range!

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