Nov 22, 2022
Nov 22, 2022

Fabio Wibmer’s Video Game bike check

At the start of November, Fabio Wibmer released his latest film Video Game. We take an in-depth look at his bike setups that appear in the video.

Fabio Wibmer’s Video Game bike check Fabio Wibmer’s fleet of bikes that starred in Video Game

Fabio Wibmer rides the best bikes in the world. Ok, so maybe we’re a little biased but that doesn’t make it any less true.

His latest video, Video Game, showcases his skills on a few of his favourite mountain bikes.

Want to know his bike setup for this video? Well, look no further, we’ve got the lowdown on his components and how he sets up his whips for some of the best tricks ever to be performed on a mountain bike. And we have Fabio himself talk through his bikes and set up just below.

Fabio Wibmer | Bike Check | All bikes from "Video Game"
Fabio Wibmer rides his Canyon Stitched CFR Trial off the roof of his home into the pool below

Canyon Stitched CFR Trial

Developed with Canyon over the past 2 years, this unique trials bike is the perfect tool for showing off Fabio’s skills in the city. You’ll see him jumping on benches, flipping off rooftops and landing on cars throughout the film

Fabio Wibmer’s Canyon Spectral ready to roll in Video Game

Canyon Spectral

As Canyon’s do-it-all trail mountain bike, it’s not surprising to see it in Fabio’s fleet. As he describes it, “It’s the ultimate street jet machine and one of my favourite bikes ever!” One tweak his mechanics did was grind down one of the rear sprockets, so that Fabio can easily roll backwards without pedalling. This is particularly important during the scene when he’s doing a backwards nose manual down a set of stairs.

This special edition Spectral also has longer cables for bar spins and a low seat position similar to that on Fabio’s Stitched. Of course, the bike is kitted out with his signature parts like the handlebar and stem.

A word on the brakes: Fabio specs all his bikes with Magura MT7 brakes renowned for their power and impressive modulation. His Spectral has 203mm front and rear disc rotors to increase stopping power.

He sets up his suspension to be super stiff, giving him more feedback from the ground and a “poppy” feel to his ride. Something he appreciates when he’s performing those mind-boggling tricks.

The O.G. Canyon Torque

Fabio has not one but two Canyon Torque enduro mountain bikes in this film. This first one may look inconspicuous but when Fabio jumps in the saddle, it’s anything but.

This bike has a mullet setup (29 inch wheel at the front, 27.5 inch wheel at the back) which gives Fabio a fast and stable front end and a playful, agile back end. Perfect for getting big air and moving the bike around beneath him. You’ll see Fabio pushing the bike’s limits on the steep trail sections filmed in Finale Ligure.

The Torque is finished off with Fabio’s preferred parts including Pirelli tyres, his signature cockpit and Magura MT7 brakes.

Canyon Torque “Guardian Angel”

Arguably the most eye-catching bike in the film, this Canyon Torque was designed especially for Fabio Wibmer. The hand drawn illustrations on the frame make this paint job truly unique.

Both wheels are 27.5 inches making it one of the most playful bikes out there and a dream freeriding machine. Fabio sourced Öhlins’ heaviest spring for the coil shock (548 for those interested) and he’s jacked up to the pressure in his fork to bring the stiffest suspension setup possible.

Fabio Wibmer backflipping the Canyon Torque “Guardian Angel” bike over a stair set.
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