Jan 6, 2021 Canyon.com
Jan 6, 2021 Canyon.com

Top 5 Activities to do on an Electric Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes open up a whole new world of riding with endless possibilities. What would once be a sweaty, technical ascent, is now more of a breeze allowing you to save your grit and determination for further down the trail. Spend your surplus energy on our top five e-mtb activities, tried and tested by our riders.

Top 5 Activities to do on an Electric Mountain Bike Ride your electric mountain bike with friends

1. Ride your e-mountain bike

It sounds obvious but when you buy your new electric mountain bike, make sure you ride it regularly. A powerful motor like the Shimano EP8 is more than capable of keeping up with you and your friends when you’re next out trail hunting. Speaking of friends, if you’re just coming back from injury or you’re new to the sport, you’ll enjoy your time much more if you can keep up with them. An electric mountain bike is perfect for this scenario, so get out there and ride!

Look for local clubs, forums and mountain bike networks for information about where to ride you e-mtb if you’re unsure - you’ll find most people love sharing their favourite trails and you might make new friends in the process. With the surge in popularity of e-mountain bikes, there’s bound to be someone nearby who will only be too happy to show you their stomping ground.

Electric Mountain Bike Activities Learn new skills on your e-mtb

2. Learn new skills

Improving your trailside tricks and techniques on an electric mountain bike is sometimes easier than on a traditional setup. The weight and location of the motor and battery on the Spectral:ON means you’ll be able to lift the front wheel more easily and show off your wheelie skills to all your mates. The bike’s lower centre of gravity will also help you handle the bike around berms as you sling your bike around twisty tracks.

As you’ll have more juice in your tank for extra hours at the bike park, you’ll have more time to practice jumps. Start small and gradually work your way up as you feel more comfortable. Once you reach the bottom, engage trail mode and before you know it, you’ll be sending it on your next big jump.

Without wanting to dampen your excitement, we recommend wearing a helmet and body armour if you’re going to test your skills. Be aware of other trail users (both hikers and bikers) and practice at home before you rush off into the wild.

Electric Mountain Bike Activities Go on an adventure on your e-mountain bike

3. Overnight e-mtb adventures

You have no excuse for not strapping on a few bags to your Neuron:ON and taking off on an adventure. With up to 100 km of range, see where you can end up either by yourself or with a friend as you take the strain off lugging a loaded bike across the rolling landscape. Whether you find yourself at a remote mountain hut or at a pre-booked hotel, remember that adventure is in the journey and you can still have a great time no matter where you end up.

Wherever you go, don’t forget your charger. If you pull up for food at a pub or cafe, you may be able to find a plug for an hour to top up on your way home.

Electric Mountain Bike Activities Travel with your electric mountain bike

4. Visit one of Europe's best MTB destinations

There’s some incredible riding to be had across Europe with many destinations also great for electric mountain bikes too. One of the greatest advantages of owning an e-bike is that they offer so much versatility. On the one hand you can save money and avoid crowds by riding the ascents and enjoying a less sweaty grind to the top thanks to your battery and motor. On the other hand, you can save your battery by using the uplift and make the most of the perfect riding conditions for a little longer. Choosing the latter option by visiting destinations such as Flims in Switzerland for example comes with the added comfort of a huge network of charging stations, so that you can keep expanding your horizon throughout the day.

If it’s your first time mountain biking in another country, see if there’s a local guide who can show you around. Seeking medical help in the event of an accident can be tricky in other countries particularly on remote trails, so scout out trails you’re comfortable riding and have fun.

Note: some airlines don’t let you travel with e-bike batteries. Luckily, there are many places that rent batteries for your e-bike but make sure you check before you travel.

Electric Mountain Bike Activities E-mountain biking is fun for all the family

5. Share your e-mtb experience

Riding your new e-mtb is fun but sometimes it’s nice to share the trails, views, highs and lows with others. Show your friends what they’re missing out on by letting them have a spin on your new wheels - you’ll soon convert them to the dark side. If you have a less experienced friend who wants to get into e-mountain biking, the Grand Canyon:ON is a great bike for beginners.

Bring your family along for the ride too. Top-tube child seats are readily available and allow your little one to lean into the berms and share the smiles on trails near and far. We all know older kids are buzzing with energy, so an e-mountain bike will help you stay ahead of them meaning they’ll never leave you behind!

If all else fails...

...just ride your bike everywhere! Seriously, riding bikes is fun and if you feel like riding your e-mtb to the shops or to work, then do it. Every bike is one less car and we’ll always support that.

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