We sell bikes directly to you our customers. Despite being transparent about the availability of our stock showing you when your new bike will arrive can be a little complicated.

So this page explains what the availability status means and when you’ll get your new bike.

Right now we’re affected by the supply issue that affects the whole of the bike industry. Read more about the longer delivery times due to increased demand.

Stock levels

The website is the most up to date

Our stock system is directly linked to the website so as soon as we know what’s going on with the bikes it’s updated here first.

In fact the website often has more detail about stock status than our customer service staff. So it’s always the best place to check.

What the stock status means

There are a few different stock scenarios you might see on our site.


It’s here waiting for you to order. We’ll estimate the delivery time once we know your location.

Notify me

If you like you can give us your contact details and we’ll let you know when you can order.

When these are ready to order we’ll email you a link. Please be aware that in some cases this could take a few months.

The dates showing here are when we expect you can order the bike. But sometimes there are changes due to factors out of our control.

Note: stock is on a first come first served basis so don’t delay when you get that notification. Sometimes when there’s high demand for a bike we’ll send alerts in batches. People who have signed up first will be in the first batch and so on. There’s no need to sign up for a notify me alert more than once as we remove all duplicates before sending the alerts.

Sold out

We're not getting any more of this model in this size.

That could be because we're about to launch a new model or that it's discontinued. Unless someone cancels their order you will not be seeing this bike available to order on the site again.

But we’ll always suggest the same bike in a different colour or build or we'll tell you when its successor will be available through the ‘See similar bikes’ link.

In-stock bikes
In-stock bikes ready to go

In-stock bikes

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Canyon Factory Outlet

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