Oct 9, 2021 Canyon.com
Oct 9, 2021 Canyon.com

Enduro Goes Electric

The mountain bike racing world has an exciting new discipline: The Enduro World Series for e-MTBs (EWS-E) is an international enduro racing series for electric mountain bikes.

Enduro Goes Electric Enduro World Series goes electric

More trails in less time, more descents, more fun: e-mountain bikes are becoming more and more popular for good reasons. Their electrical support lets you get a lot more riding done in less time, which ultimately lets you fit more riding into a busy schedule – and spend more time on the bike overall. An e-MTB lets you do two very different things: relax and enjoy the full benefits of pedal support (somewhat reducing your range, of course), or push your limits further than ever and take on extreme terrain – including steep, technical climbs. That is what the EWS-E is all about.

E-EWS with José Borges and Fabian Barel Pro enduro rider José Borges training in southern France | © Matt Wragg

The Formula 1 of E-Mountain Biking

This new discipline is only just getting started: in 2020, the EWS-E was introduced as a brand-new international e-bike enduro racing series. The EWS-E races retain the core characteristics of the existing EWS races, combining challenging terrain and spectacular locations. But the e-bike races will be held on different trails than the conventional EWS races. This thrilling new format will push riders to a new level on tricky descents as well as newly created technical climbs. And that is not the only difference. For the first time in enduro racing, the liaison stages will take on a key role in the races, as they will contain more singletrack and stricter time limits than ever. Riders who can’t make it through these connecting stages fast enough incur time penalties.

E-EWS with José Borges and Fabian Barel The steep technical uphill sections are designed to push e-MTBs to their limits. | © Matt Wragg

Canyon Pros Are Chomping at the Bit

Mountain bike legend and Canyon CLLCTV mentor Fabien Barel will be taking his decades of MTB racing experience to the e-MTB circuit. The 40-year-old Frenchman is a three-time Downhill World Champion, has an Enduro World Championships silver medal, and is a previous Team Enduro World Champion – to name just a few of his achievements. He will be joined at the starting line by José ‘Zé Manel’ Borges. By his early 20s, the Portuguese enduro racer had already racked up seven national championship titles. He joined the CLLCTV Factory Team in 2021 and will be competing in both conventional enduro races and the new e-enduro series.

E-EWS with José Borges and Fabian Barel José Borges and Fabien Barel: stoked for EWS-E | © Matt Wragg

The Choice of Champions: Canyon Spectral:ON

The demanding EWS-E courses require a bike that’s ready for anything – from technical climbs to lightning-fast downhill sections. Enter the Canyon Spectral:ON. This versatile full-suspension e-bike offers agile handling while staying controllable at high speeds. At its core: a high-grade carbon frame, accommodating both an 85 Nm Shimano EP8 motor and its 630 Wh downtube-integrated battery. Inspired by motocross mullet bikes, we combine a 29-inch wheel in the front with a 27.5-inch wheel in the back. The advantages of this setup are obvious: Excellent rollover at the front end, extra manoeuvrability in the back.

E-EWS with José Borges and Fabian Barel Welcome to the cutting edge of e-enduro racing: CLLCTV rider José Borges’ Spectral:ON. | © Matt Wragg

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