Feb 12, 2021 Canyon.com

Why buy an E-Road Bike

Feb 12, 2021 Canyon.com

Lightweight, powerful and easy to use, the new generation of E-road bikes have better handling, longer ranges and are an excellent choice for new and experienced riders alike!

Why buy an E-Road Bike Canyon.com

How have electric racing bikes developed?

Until recently, the electric road bike was a story of compromise. The lighter models didn’t have much battery life and the bikes with a longer range used heavy motors and batteries which negatively affected handling. With the newest generation of e-road bikes, that has all changed. Using integrated, lightweight drive systems like the revolutionary Fazua Evation, modern e-road bikes reap the benefits of a motor without compromising on high-quality handling and feel.

Both the performance-focussed Endurace:ON and fitness-ready Roadlite:ON set new standards for the electric road bicycle. Combining the award-winning performance and design of the Canyon road range with the power-boosting pedal assist of Fazua’s compact Evation motor, these e-road bikes are guaranteed to have you riding farther, faster and higher no matter your age or experience!

Why buy an E-Road Bike
Why buy an E-Road Bike
Why buy an E-Road Bike
Why buy an E-Road Bike
Why buy an E-Road Bike
Why buy an E-Road Bike

What is an E-Road Bike?

They come in an array of different shapes and sizes, but at their core, e-road bikes are simply road bikes that use compact electronic motors to give riders an extra boost while pedalling out on the pavement. Most modern e-road bikes don’t even look all that different from their non-motorized siblings and they tend to ride just as well too (only faster)!

Designed with an integrated battery in the downtube and an electric motor in the bottom bracket, Canyon e-road bikes give you a helpful push as you ride along by using an intuitive pedal assist system. That means the motor only engages when you push down on the pedals, not when you’re coasting on the flats or rolling down a winding mountain road. All of our e-bikes also comply with the law by using a system that stops assisting at speeds higher than 25 km/h. This makes it legal for you to safely use a Canyon e-road bike on any bike paths or trails.

Unlike other e-bikes, there is virtually no resistance from the motor when riding faster than 25 km/h allowing the bike to feel nearly identical to its non-electric counterparts. It’s even possible to remove the integrated battery from the downtube and replace it with a cover that doubles as a small storage space. This reduces the already low weight of the bike and enables it to be ridden just like a motor-less Canyon road bike.

Is an E-Road bike right for me?

Young or old, fresh or experienced, if you like riding bikes, chances are you’re going to have fun on an e-road bike. However, there are definitely some riders that may see more value in an electric road bike than others.

One of the greatest benefits of an e-road bike like the Endurace:ON is that it allows riders of different skill and fitness levels to all ride together. Are you coming back from an injury and nervous to hold your buddies back on a training ride? An e-road bike is a great solution. Simply let the motor kick in to get you up and over the hills and then leave it engaged or disable it while you’re cruising back into town.

Maybe you’d like to get out and ride with your kids, but you can’t quite put down the watts like you used to. An e-road bike will give you just enough power to stick with the pack while maintaining the same natural feeling of pedalling a normal bike at speed. Or maybe you just want to ride farther and faster! Out riding solo, you can easily use the system to fly up steep hills and power along quiet country roads at 25 km/h. Above all else, the lightweight, comfortable and innovative designs of Canyon e-road bikes make them great with and without pedal assist so you can use the motor when and how you want to!

Why buy an E-Road Bike
Why buy an E-Road Bike
Why buy an E-Road Bike
Why buy an E-Road Bike
Why buy an E-Road Bike
Why buy an E-Road Bike

The motor: Fazua Evation

Finding a good e-road bike motor is a tall task! It needs to be powerful enough to give you a noticeable boost, keep you out riding without fear of running out of power and also be lightweight enough to not adversely affect handling. On top of that, a good battery system shouldn’t be too obvious as part of a bike’s silhouette, so it has to be especially compact. Fortunately, one particular system fits the bill.

Sleek and integrated, the Fazua Evation is one of the most compact e-bike drive systems on the market. Its lightweight, minimal design allows the entire motor and battery to be built into the downtube and bottom bracket of the bike. Where some e-bikes look bulky and heavy, the slim, in-frame Evation drive matches perfectly with the clean lines and striking designs of the Roadlite:ON and Endurace:ON.

What the Evation lacks in range and torque – it uses a smaller 250 Wh battery and its motor tops out at 55 Nm – it makes up for in low weight and ride quality. At just 4.6 kg for the entire unit, Fazua’s drive adds a marginal amount to the total weight and can even be completely removed so your e-bike can be ridden as a non-motorized bike. It’s easily replaced by a downtube cover that doubles as an additional storage compartment!

The feel of the Evation’s pedal assist is comparable to that of a larger, heavier and more powerful motor and it’s now even better thanks to the new Fazua Black Pepper Performance Update. The software update makes the entire system more efficient and uses a new algorithm that optimises the motor’s assistance to a specific rider’s pedalling style. This ensures that the Evation provides one of the most even and natural-feeling pedal assists and always offers just the right amount of power to new and experienced riders looking for some extra tailwind to go that much farther.

The system also uses an intuitive and integrated remote to check remaining battery life and seamlessly switch between modes. The three modes: Breeze, River and Rocket, each deliver more power to the pedals than the last! The light assist of Breeze can last up to 120 km, the medium of River up to 75 km and the full-throttle Rocket up to 55 km. The remote is also Bluetooth ready and can be linked to the Fazua app for even more in-depth adjustments.


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