Bike Transport

Transporting your bike can be hard. Careful packing, taking your bike with you to the airport, then worrying it could get damaged. At your destination, bike rebuilding time is lost cycling time! The Canyon Transport range makes travelling with your bike and unpacking it easier, so you can ride.

Canyon Bike Guard Transport System

Canyon Bike Guard Transport System

The Canyon Bike Guard Transport System is a rugged cover that fits cleanly around the Bike Guard, the tough box your Canyon bike arrived in. Supplied with a set of wheels, this bike travel case offers outstanding protection without breaking the bank.

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  • 6 items
  • B&W II
    • Color: black
    296.95 US$
  • Canyon Bike Bag
    • Color: black
    46.95 US$
  • Canyon Road Wheel Guard
    27.95 US$
  • Canyon MTB Wheel Guard
    27.95 US$
  • Thule Bike Frame Adapter
    32.95 US$
  • Thule Carbon Frame Protector
    22.95 US$
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