Mucky Nutz Short MugGuard
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Mucky Nutz Short MugGuard

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Product description

The short MuckyNutz MugGuard fender is the brand’s first venture into the 3D market and perfect for your Trail Bike. The MugGuard has been designed to prevent clogging from dirt and mud and features a forward lip design to minimise spray and a sharp trailing lip to keep sticky soil away from the tyre. To protect your seal and stanchions from mud and grit, the MugGuard features a wide upper arm profile. Holding the fender in place are six fastenings anchored to the fork, minimising rattling and movement. A Velcro fastening roll is supplied meaning the fender is quick release and can be easily removed or replaced depending on conditions or for ease of transport. Supplied cable ties can also allow for a more permanent mount to your bike.

Détails du produit


  • Recessed bridge area for increased tyre clearance
  • Forward lip minimises spray. Sharp trailing edge cuts mud away from
  • Wide upper arm profile protects stanchions and seals
  • Gloss underside finish sheds dirt and cleans easily


  • Short fender 400mm, weight 75g


  • Compatible with 26”, 27.5”, 29’’ wheels


  • Plastique


  • 75 g


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