Canyon H17 Ergo AL Handlebar
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Canyon H17 Ergo AL Handlebar

  • 색상 선택: black/grey
  • 색상 선택: black/white
80.000 ₩
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Canyon H17 Ergo AL Handlebar
Canyon H17 Ergo AL Handlebar

Canyon H17 Ergo AL Handlebar The design of the curved H17 Ergo AL handlebar increases the contact point between the hand and bar, instead of pressure being concentrated at just two points. What you get is even more control when descending on the drops and during sprints, as well as improved access to shift and brake levers. Our H17 model features variable diameters on the top of the handlebars which also help to provide more comfort as well as control. The stem is not included!

제품 상세 정보


  • Category 2 aluminium bar
  • High-quality aluminium material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Curved design distributes the pressure points
  • Improved control


  • Width: 380 /400 / 420 or 440 mm
  • Reach: 70 mm
  • Drop: 380 & 400 (128 mm) / 420 & 440 (130 mm)
  • Category: 2
  • Weight: 380 mm (259 g) / 400 mm (267 g) / 420 mm (275 g) / 440 mm (283 g)
  • Material: AL-2014
  • Model: H17-15


  • 1 x Canyon H17 Ergo AL Handlebar


  • 1.00 g


  • 알루미늄

핸들바 지름

  • 31,8MM

핸들바 폭

  • 380 mm


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